Getting Started

Introduction to the Connectivity Management API

The ThingSpace Connectivity Management API lets application developers manage the connectivity of M2M devices deployed on the Verizon Wireless network. You can use the API to integrate service provisioning and monitoring tasks with enterprise back-office systems. Some of the supported tasks include:

For a description of all Connectivity Management API requests and responses, see the API Reference pages.

To Get Started

You can follow these general steps to get started with the Connectivity Management API:

  1. Read the documentation to understand what capabilities are available in the API.
  2. Register on the ThingSpace Develop site to get access to the API and our simulator.
  3. Use the simulator token to try the API requests in the API Console, and to start coding your own application.
  4. Sign up for Connectivity Management login credentials.
  5. When you receive your login credentials, use a real API token and Connectivity Management credentials to manage real devices through your application.