Working with Verizon Wirless

Working with Verizon Wireless

New to developing on the Verizon Wireless Network? Here is some stuff you should know when designing your IoT application.

About Device IDs - Descriptions of the different types of device identifiers, such as MDN, MEID, SIM, and ICCID.

About Device States - Descriptions of Active, Suspended, and Deactive device states.

About Device Reachability - An introduction to device reachability monitoring.

About Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) - An introduction to sending non-IP data to and from devices.

Working with eUICC Devices - An introduction to activating and working with eUICC Devices.

Service Provisioning Rules - General rules for suspending, restoriing, and deactivating service, plus rules for changing device service plans and swapping hardware.

Network Usage Guidelines - Guidelines for how your devices can be good citizens on the Verizon network, such as how often they can connect and how to recover from a network outage.

About Callback Services - An introduction to callback services (webhooks) used by the Connectivity Management API.

ThingSpace Data Retention Policy - A description of the amount of time that various types of data records are kept for retrieval.

Data Types and Units of Measure - A list of the valid data types used in the Connectivity Management API.