Retrieve Device SKU List:

POST /accounts/{accountname}/sku

Returns a list of an account’s registered device SKUs and their statuses from the Verizon Device Management Database (DMD).

To use this API method, your company must be registered on the Open Development portal with the ability to upload devices to Verizon.

NOTE: This API method is currently in limited release, and is not yet available to all customers.


See also:
Upload Devices

Uses and Requirements

Before uploading devices to the Verizon DMD, device OEMs can use this method to verify that their device SKUs are in the DMD and have the expected status.

Request Components

HTTP Request


Resource and Query Parameters

You must include the account name in the path.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string The name of the account for which you want device SKUs. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.

Header Parameters

The request header must contain a current ThingSpace authorization bearer token and a valid VZ-M2M session token, and must set the content-type to JSON.


Parameter Name Data Type Description
string HTTP Authorization bearer token.
string A valid session token returned by POST /session/login.
string Must be application/json.

Request Body


Success Responses

Status 200

A successful request returns the account name and a list of all device SKUs registered for the account, and the status of each SKU.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
accountName string The name of the account.
deviceSkuInfo array Array of JSON objects, each containing a SKU and status.
deviceSkuInfo.deviceSku string Device SKU.
deviceSkuInfo.deviceSkuStatus string The current status of the SKU in the DMD. Some possible values are:
  • Valid
  • Certified and in DMD
  • Certified but not in DMD
  • Not Certified

Example Success Response

  "accountName": "1223334444-00001",
  "deviceSkuInfo": [
      "deviceSku": "VZW160004850370",
      "deviceSkuStatus": "Valid"
      "deviceSku": "VZW160004850389",
      "deviceSkuStatus": "Certified but not in DMD"
      "deviceSku": "VZW160004850434",
      "deviceSkuStatus": "Not Certified"

Failure Responses

Status 400

All error messages are returned in this format:

  "errorCode": "error code string",
  "errorMessage": "error message string"

Error codes and messages are listed on the Error Messages page, along with explanations and suggestions for corrective actions.