Critical Asset Sensor



The Verizon Critical Asset Sensor is an IoT plug and play solution for quick deployment across multiple IoT use cases. It packages a device, ThingSpace platform with ThingSpace Services, and a Verizon M2M connectivity plan. It includes the following sensors: GPS, temperature, humidity, 3 axis accelerometer (shock and vibration), gyroscope (tilt), pressure, humidity, and light. It comes bundled with ThingSpace, a suite of services, and the ability to plug into a customer’s platform of choice. Doc-CAS

Simple to implement even in harsh conditions, the Critical Asset Sensor allows you to capture the data you need so you can turn it into meaningful business solutions including:

  • Seven environmental sensors, GPS and an IP-66 rating
  • Configurable reporting and sensor read frequency
  • Flexibility to connect to your existing IoT platform (Amazon, Azure, or any private cloud)
  • Optimized for reliable IoT cellular networks
  • Connectivity, device management and warranty are included

Device Overview


Capability Status Description
Network   LTE CATM1 (3GPP Release 9)
LTE Bands: 13, 4 (ready)
Battery   4400 mAh battery
  Power LED display battery capacitiy range
Power LED display device charging
  Power LED provide visual feedback for capacitive button touch detection (when LED is not displaying status)
(Capacitive) MODE Button   Short press of MODE button

Touch MODE button for 3 seconds is a short press. If short press is detected, the POWER LED and GPS LED will toggle (fast flicker) to provide visual cue of short press action detection. When the device is off (default state when received from factory), short press powers on the device.

When the LED is not showing status, short press will turn on LED display for a short period of time.

  Long press of MODE button

Touch MODE button for 5 seconds is a long press.

Long press resets the device when device is ON.

Sensor information

  • Sensor temperature range: -20 to 75 degrees Celsius.
  • Shock, Tilt, and Vibration
    • Shock is measured along 3 axis (X, Y, Z)
    • Shock range: up to 8g, values above are truncated
    • Tilt is measured relatively to horizon for the x (pitch) and y (roll) axis.
    • Tilt range: 0… 360 degress
    • Vibration is measured as two single taps in a short well-defined period of time.
  • Out-of-cellular coverage operation
    • Environmental sensor data (temperature, shock, tilt, vibration) is collected and stored while out-of-cellular coverage. Once the device reconnects to the cellular network the stored data are forwarded.

Device Spec Sheet

Device Spec SheetDownload the Device spec sheet.