Get a List of Available Firmware

GET /firmware/{acc}

Allows you to retrieve a list of available firmware for the devices on your account.

Request Components

HTTP Request


Resource Path and Query Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string The billing name of the account. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.
string Filter to retrieve only a specific type of firmware distribution. Valid values include:
  • LWM2M
  • OMD-DM
  • HTTP
  • all

Header Parameters

The request header must contain a current ThingSpace authorization token, set the content to "JSON" and a current VZ-M2M-session token.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string HTTP Authorization request header containing a valid Bearer token.
string A valid session token returned by a Connectivity Management POST /session/login request.
string Must be application/json.

Request Body


Example Request

Request a list of available software for your account.

curl GET  
-H 'VZ-M2M-Token: {M2M token}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {bearer token}' \

Success Responses

Status 200

Parameter Name Data Type Description
firmwareName string The firmware name.
firmwareFrom string The firmware currently on the device.
firmwareTo string The firmware being upgraded to.
launchDate string($date) The software launch date.
releaseNote string Software release note reserved for future use.
model string Software device model.
make string Software device make.
protocol string The protocol used for distribution. Valid values include:
  • LWM2M
  • OMD-DM
  • HTTP

Example Success Response

Status 200

An array of software for your account is returned in the response.

        "firmwareName": "VerizonSmartCommunities_LCO-277C4N_BG96MAR04A04M1G_BG96MAR04A04M1G_BETA0130B",
        "firmwareFrom": "BG96MAR04A04M1G",
        "firmwareTo": "BG96MAR04A04M1G_BETA0130B",
        "launchDate": "0001-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC",
        "releaseNote": "",
        "model": "LCO-277C4N",
        "make": "Verizon Smart Communities",
        "protocol": "LWM2M"

Failure Responses

Status 400

All error messages are returned in this format:

   "errorCode": "error code string",
   "errorMessage": "error message string"

Error codes and messages are listed on the Error Messages page, along with explanations and suggestions for corrective actions.