Device Location

Device Location API

The Device Location API lets you find the location of IoT devices in an account. You can use a device’s location for many purposes, such as:

  • Verify that fixed assets are where they are supposed to be
  • Periodically track mobile assets, such as monitoring a fleet of moving trucks on an hourly basis
  • Plan efficient truck routes between devices that need service
  • Estimate the arrival time of a delivery

You can request a device’s current location, or request the previous location from the cache. You can compare the current and cached locations to verify that a device has not moved, or to see how far it has moved.

You can exclude any devices in an account that you do not want to be located by the Device Location Service. You can use the API with all Open Development certified IoT devices, for example routers, modems, vending machines with embedded modules, etc. You cannot use the API to locate non-IoT devices such as Smartphones, Feature Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Netbooks.

If you are interested in using the Device Location API and want to learn about pricing, please contact your organization’s Verizon Wireless account representative. If you do not have an account representative or are not sure who your representative is, please fill out the following form.

Table of Contents

What’s new in the Device Location API

Getting Started

Introduction to the Device Location API
Get credentials to use the API
About the Location Information Format
About the Device Location Callback Service
About Aggregated Billing Service
About Current and Cached Data

Try the API

API Reference

Find device locations
Get IoT Device Locations - synchronous
Create an IoT Device Location Report
Retrieve a Device Location Report
Get the Status of a Device Location Report
Cancel a Device Location Report
Cancel an Asynchronous Device Location Request

Exclude devices from location services
Exclude Devices from Location Services
Get a List of Excluded Devices
Remove Devices from the Exclusion List

Manage subscription status and usage
Get Location Service subscription status
Get Location Service usage
Create a usage trigger
Get usage triggers
Change an existing usage trigger
Delete a usage trigger

Receive callback messages
Register a Callback Listener
Get Registered Callback Listeners
Deregister a Callback Listener

Aggregated billing services
Add Managed Billing Accounts
Activate Managed Service
Get Managed Account List
Cancel Managed Service

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