API Reference

Quick API Reference

This API reference is organized by functional area, which generally equates to resource type.

Find device locations

HTTP Request Description
POST /locations Find the locations of up to 20 devices (synchronous)
POST /locationreports Create a report of device locations (asynchronous)
GET /locationreports/{account}/report/{txid}/index/{startindex} Retrieve a device location report
GET /locationreports/{account}/report/{txid}/status Get the status of a device location report
DELETE /locationreports/{account}/report/{txid} Cancel a queued device location report

Exclude devices from location services

HTTP Request Description
POST /consents Exclude or included devices from location services
GET /consents/{account} Get a list of excluded devices
`DELETE /consents’ Removes devices from the exclusion list

Check subscription status and usage

HTTP Request Description
GET /subscriptions/{account} Get location service subscription status
POST /usage Get Location Service Usage information for a specified period.

Receive callback messages

HTTP Request Description
POST /callbacks/{account} Register to receive callback messages
GET /callbacks/{account} View registered callback listener URLs
DELETE /callbacks/{account}/name/{service} Deregister a callback listener