Running a global operation is stressful enough without having to manage IoT connectivity—let us take care of that for you.

Verizon Global IoT Orchestration streamlines out-of-box wireless connectivity for connected products in the US and abroad via eSIM localization. With ThingSpace APIs, switching between Verizon and international eSIM profiles is a breeze.


Complementary global roaming solutions are also available to support your business needs. 

What is Global IoT Orchestration?


Features and benefits


International portability

Creates a frictionless customer experience within minutes of powering on in global markets.

Single-pane, worldwide connectivity

Simplifies global connectivity under your single-pane-of-glass via ThingSpace APIs.


Same IoT device certification

Verizon Open Development device certification ensures that devices work with Global IoT Connectivity.

API forward

Seamlessly manage eSIM subscriptions and connectivity for global IoT deployments with ThingSpace APIs.

One-stop shop

No more multi-carrier contract negotiation. Simplifies efforts in procurement, legal, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Streamlined support

Keep it simple—Verizon is the single point of contact, with leading IoT solution specialists available to support your product development.

Use cases for Global IoT Orchestration

Global IoT Orchestration benefits various industries, including mobile point-of-sale, electric vehicle charging, asset management, and more. Check out the infographic to see its application in utility manufacturing & service management.

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