Focus on your business, not on IoT solution implementation and support.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changer for business, enabling automation, cost-savings, business intelligence and improved safety and security. But it can also be complex and difficult to build, navigate and manage a wireless IoT solution. Verizon’s IoT Managed and Professional Services allow you to have the best of both worlds. You can employ an IoT solution that takes your business to the next level while focusing on your core competencies and leaving the wireless logistics and support to us.

Verizon’s IoT Managed and Professional Services deliver pre- and post-IoT implementation support, ideal for businesses that don’t have the scale, staff, time or expertise to manage these complex implementations. Our consulting and professional services can help you from crafting your IoT strategy to full-scale deployment. Reduce implementation time and effort with our kitting and staging services that will prepare your devices for plug-and-play deployment.  Then tap into ongoing managed services, which provides a proactive, dedicated support team that saves you time and the headache of troubleshooting your cellular IoT solution.

Consulting and Professional Services can help you get started, or keep you moving on the fast track.

Verizon offers a number of consultative and professional services to help you dream up an IoT solution or simply help you implement your strategy. 

IoT Strategy Workshop


I need to turn my ideas into a solid IoT strategy, What can you do to help? 


We can work with you to turn that idea into an actionable IoT strategy with our hands-on workshop led by our professional services team. 

Depending on your specific needs, you can expect to come away with:

  • A current/future state assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Spectrum acquisition recommendations and requirements
  • Vetted strategy options
  • High-level business case for each strategy option
  • Short list of use cases
  • Priority list
  • 5G roadmap strategy (private, public, managed)


IoT Solution Design & Architecture


My strategy is solid. Can you help me figure out the next steps? 


Of course! We can help you figure out the next steps to make your strategy a reality. 

From recommending hardware solutions to building a technical architecture design, we’ll build a custom plan around your needs.  Deliverables may include:

  • Component recommendation
  • IoT solution design
  • IoT solution architecture
  • IoT solution project plan


IoT Proof of Concept


Can you guide me from concept through implementation? Or, can I just pick what I need? 


You got it! We can partner with you to create, plan and launch your solution. Or, you can simply select services you need a la carte. 

Your professional services manager will support you with everything you need. Services include:

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Design & Architecture
  • Solution development
  • Proof of concept implementation/support


IoT Solution Proof of Concept Deployment


I'm ready to scale up my solution and get it into production, but I need resources to do that. 


Using the specification defined in the previous phase, a solution is developed and deployed as a pilot project.  This limited deployment is then evaluated. Once the readiness is assured, the solution is scaled up and deployed widely to complete the implementation of the whole solution.

Deliverables may include:

  • Project management and oversight
  • Solution pilot planning and evaluation
  • Kitting and staging plans
  • Test and acceptance plans
  • Final configuration and turn-over plans


Managed Services flexible to meet a variety of use cases.

IoT Managed Services was designed to be flexible so you can deploy the solutions that meet your specific business needs. You can rely on our team of seasoned wireless IoT experts to support your business. Simply select the product level that is right for you.

Get the details on each plan. 

Level 1 - Get direct technical support for connectivity

A dedicated team of senior service reps who are experts at troubleshooting and solving IoT connectivity issues are just one direct call away. Save time by skipping the front-line call center and going directly to the experts that can help you solve connectivity issues.

Level 2 - Get support for scaling your IoT solution

Access a dedicated IoT connectivity expert who will support you from start-up through scaling and managing the lifecycle of your IoT solution. Get proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution for set up, deployment, mass activations, reporting, data usage and more for all your IoT devices.

Level 3 - Get proactive reporting and data visualization

Get even more from your dedicated support resource that knows your specific solution and will set up proactive alerts so they can help you solve problems before you even know they exist. Your support team can also set up data visualizations for your devices so you can get the most benefit from your IoT solution.

Expand your resources with knowledgeable experts.

Whether you run your business with a lean staff or just need to focus your in-house resources on other priorities, our team of experts stands ready to support you with our suite of Professional Services. Offered a-la-carte or in addition to our IoT Managed Services, we can build a package to meet your business needs. Get started by contacting your Verizon rep or by filling out the form below. 


Kitting and Staging

We can help you get your deployment started or provided ongoing support with our professional kitting and staging services. 

  • SIM insertion
  • Connectivity validation
  • Firmware version validation
  • Device assembly
  • Package consolidation
  • Device configuration
  • Device provisioning
  • Shipping to multiple destinations

IoT Site Survey Services

In order to adequately plan for your IoT implementation, it may be helpful to get insights into the cellular signal throughput and latency at your location.

  • Recommendations for placement of cellular equipment
  • Options for remediation, if necessary
  • Advice on device locations
  • Suggestions for antenna location

IoT Field Installation Services

Based on our IoT Site Survey Services or your own evaluation, we can get you to the next level by helping you set up all the equipment and connections you need for deployment.

  • Installation of cellular device
  • Connection to the antenna
  • Connection to site power
  • Configuration of cellular devices
  • Validation of the completion of the installation

Private Network Implementation

We can help you set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure you get started quickly - and securely. 

  • Pre-configure equipment prior to VPN turn-up
  • Schedule and test VPN turn-up
  • Configure remote VPN tunnel
  • Verify end-to-end connectivity
  • Validate IP assignment

Mobile Device Management Implementation

Let us help you get your Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) account set up. 

  • Add white glove implementation services
  • Work directly with Verizon engineers to enroll devices, configure customer admin portals and maintain the integrity of customer data
  • Verizon engineers will provide oversight of initial device rollout


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