LTE Cat M1 IoT Reference Hardware

ThingSpace LTE Cat M1 IoT Reference Hardware Design


The ThingSpace LTE CAT M1 IoT Reference Hardware Design by Bittium allow an OEM the building blocks to get up and running quickly on the Verizon network and ThingSpace platform. The reference hardware design takes the guess work out of picking the right hardware and integrating it with your existing designs. All components of the ThingSpace LTE Cat M1 IoT Reference Hardware Design are open sourced. These designs can be used as starting points as the basis for developing a new system.

The design was built by Bittium and has gone through Verizon Open Development certification. Download the design files today and get started on fast-tracking your next IoT design.

What is included

  • Schematics, block diagrams, and BOM for Cat 1 and Cat M1 hardware designs
  • Downloadable tutorials and documentation


  • Verizon-certified VZM20Q LTE Cat M1 Modem Module
  • Sony GPS
  • Arduino Connector for easy interfacing
  • NanoSIM support for space savings in the final product design
  • User-definable “push” button
  • Two user-definable LEDs
  • Easy connection points to external cellular and GPS antennas
  • Board size of 52.6 mm x 55 mm

Target applications for the hardware design

  • Asset tracking
  • Energy management
  • Factory automation
  • Food safety
  • Healthcare
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart lighting



Verizon IoT Business Development:

Further information: ThingSpace Ready



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