ThingSpace Services

Additional Terms


SMS APIs allow your Applications to interface with ThingSpace to transmit SMS messages from a Verizon-assigned longcode to your End Users. Your use of SMS APIs is subject to the related API documentation and associated rules and restrictions, which may include, without limitation, conditions related to usage limits and specific opt-in and messaging requirements.

You agree to use SMS APIs only in compliance with all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations, including, without limitation, the Telephone Consumers Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), acceptable industry guidelines (including CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices), the Verizon Acceptable Use Policy, and these Terms. You further agree that in connection with your use of SMS APIs: (a) you will not send messages containing executable files or links to other content or premium or similar messages that require a subscription or surcharge; (b) you will not install, deploy, or use any hardware, firmware, software or other technology or technique to circumvent Verizon's messaging network operations protections; and (c) you will not send any material or content in violation of the Verizon Acceptable Use Policy.

You may use SMS APIs to send messages only to End Users who have opted in to receive messages by (a) establishing an opt-in process that effectively captures each End User’s consent to receive messages, informs End Users of the nature and scope of your messaging campaigns and any financial obligations (like “Standard Messaging Charges Apply”) associated with messaging; (b) immediately complying with End User opt-out requests such as STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE or QUIT in compliance with industry guidelines; and (c) maintaining opt-in and opt-out records for each End User from the time that End User initiates opt-in until a minimum of six months after that End User has opted out. The foregoing requirements are in addition to requirements set forth by us in the API documentation related to SMS APIs.

Device Location APIs

Device Location APIs are Premium Services to be used in conjunction with IoT Devices. “IoT Devices” are devices that are certified under the Verizon Open Development program and provisioned on the Verizon Wireless network under a machine-to-machine plan and excludes mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other personal devices.

You may access and use Device Location APIs only in conjunction with IoT Devices. You bear all responsibility for complying with the foregoing restriction. We reserve the right to terminate your access to these APIs without liability or compensation to you if you violate this restriction.

Device Location APIs enable you to interface with ThingSpace to develop Location Based Services for IoT Devices. “Location Based Services” means location enabled or location aware products and services that access the Device Location APIs to retrieve Location Information of devices. “Location Information” means data that can be used to describe, determine or identify the location of a device. Location Information may be presented in many forms such as latitude/longitude data, cell site/sector data, WiFi SSID, device signal strength or other format regardless of accuracy, type or source. Subject to these terms, you may access and use Device Location APIs to develop, use and/or provide a Location Based Service.

Location Based Services must comply at all times with these Terms and all applicable federal, state and local government laws, criminal, civil and statutory laws, rules and regulations, industry practices, third party guidelines, policies and requirements, including but not limited to (a) all applicable consumer protection, marketing, data security, export and privacy laws, (b) Federal Trade Commission Privacy Initiatives, and (c) the CTIA Best Practices and Guidelines for Location Based Services.

You may not access, use, copy, store or disclose any Location Information pertaining to a device owned or managed by your End User (including the business or organization represented by your End User) unless you obtain the consent to do so from that End User. When you obtain consent, you must provide clear, conspicuous and comprehensive notice about how Location Information will be accessed, used, copied, stored, collected or disclosed by you and/or other third parties. Further, you will ensure that such notice is obtained prior to your provision of Location Based Services. If your End User denies, revokes or withdraws consent, you may not access or collect that End User’s Location Information or perform any other actions for which the End User’s consent has been denied, revoked or withdrawn. Location Information obtained from Device Location APIs that relate to devices owned by your End Users may be accessed and used only for the purposes to which those End Users have consented and only so long as notice, consent and all other requirements have been satisfied and maintained. You will immediately delete Location Information stored your systems or otherwise in your possession upon request from End Users.

You shall make no representation of accuracy, completeness or timeliness of Device Location Information or the location capabilities of any Location Based Service that connects to the Device Location APIs.

You shall design, develop, build, operate and maintain all Location Based Services to sufficiently mitigate security threats including, but not limited to: (a) fraudulent, improper or unauthorized access, use or disclosure (b) unauthorized changes, (c) disruptions or denial of service, (d) escalation of user privilege, and (e) degradations of any Verizon service.

Software Management Services APIs

Software Management Services APIs are Premium Services to be used in conjunction with IoT Devices. You may access and use Software Management Services APIs only in conjunction with IoT Devices that operate the 4G LTE Network and support the OMA DM standard. Software Management Services APIs will not operate with any other devices.

Software Management Services APIs enable you to check the version of firmware installed on an eligible IoT Devices and, if a firmware upgrade is available, update that firmware remotely.

Software Management Services APIs may be available for purchase and use under a monthly subscription plan or, by default, an event-based plan, as further described on the ThingSpace site. If you purchase a monthly subscription to use Subscription Management Services APIs, you will obtain licenses that you may assign to eligible IoT Devices. Each license may be assigned to a single eligible IoT Device. Note that if you purchase a subscription plan for Software Management Services APIs, you are responsible for paying subscription fees whether or not you assign or use purchased licenses. If you choose to purchase a subscription plan for Software Management Services APIs, you are entirely responsible for purchasing and assigning the appropriate number of licenses to meet your needs for your IoT Devices.

If you elect to use Software Management Services APIs to update firmware for IoT Devices without licenses, either because you have not purchased licenses or because you have not assigned licenses to those IoT Devices, then you will be charged per-event fees for those firmware update transactions.

Your use of Software Management Services APIs, including all associated fees, is entirely your responsibility.