Use cases for transportation

Connected transportation


Equip transportation of all kinds—from cars to trains to motorcycles to smart scooters and more—with sensors and connectivity capabilities to enhance driver and rider safety, provide maintenance alerts, and offer in-vehicle infotainment services.

Smart parking solutions


Create smart parking solutions that help drivers find available parking spaces quickly. IoT sensors can monitor parking spots in real-time, providing information on parking availability through mobile apps or digital signage to help reduce traffic congestion and improve parking efficiency.


Connected logistics


Equip shipments, containers, and packages with IoT sensors to capture real-time data on location, temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions, enabling end-to-end visibility, optimized logistics planning, and effective inventory management.

Smart traffic management


Leverage IoT to create smart traffic management systems by integrating vehicles, infrastructure, and traffic management systems, enabling real-time traffic monitoring, congestion detection, dynamic route optimization, and synchronized traffic signal control.

End-to-end solutions to support transportation


Asset Management

Get insight into assets practically anywhere along your supply chain. Get near real-time data insights to make better, more informed decisions and drive improved operational efficiencies.


Intelligent Video

Help reduce traffic delays and related harmful emissions. Get moving again with cloud-based traffic management.

Condition Based Maintenance

Our proactive solution can help you increase diagnostic visibility, reduce costly dispatches and extend the life of your equipment. Keep track of your equipment’s health and take action only when maintenance is necessary.

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5G Business Internet

5G Business Internet delivers Verizon's first wireless internet solution powered by 5G Ultrawide Band for ultra-fast speed you can rely on.



ThingSpace offers a full suite of security solutions to minimize risk for your machine-to-machine (M2M) devices, including SIM-Secure and Security Credentialing.


Our IoT analytics engine empowers better decision making. The ThingSpace Intelligence Bundle offers a suite of analytical and management tools that make IoT easier to manage. 

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Connected cars & the rental industry

The car rental industry might provide one of the most fascinating and innovative examples of how 5G, wireless automation and IoT are revolutionizing the way business now operates.

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