Be proactive to keep machinery moving.

It’s getting a lot easier for industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to give their customers what they want and need. The Internet of Things (IoT) and technologies that improve the way mission-critical equipment and other assets are monitored and maintained are leading the way.

Our proactive Condition Based Maintenance solution can help you increase diagnostic visibility, reduce costly dispatches and extend the life of your equipment. Keep track of your equipment’s health and take action only when maintenance is necessary. This can help you increase customer loyalty and add new service revenue opportunities to your business.

As an IoT platform as a service, our condition-monitoring solution helps industrial OEMs connect and manage critical assets and equipment in near real time. This way, you’ll know how to detect changes in the condition of industrial equipment and the best time to service it.

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Increase operational efficiency.

Stop reacting to maintenance fire drills.

You and your customers don’t have to lose time and money while equipment is offline, waiting for a technician to be dispatched and repairs to be completed. Avoid having production interrupted by a reactive maintenance process. Data streamed from IoT sensors on your equipment and assets can help you plan and get maintenance done ahead of time, before there’s a serious problem.

Maintain your customers’ uptime with Verizon Condition Based Maintenance. Act quickly to assess conditions before and during production. Recognize warning signs, receive and send alerts—and, when needed, automatically activate appropriate maintenance. This can help you not only improve efficiency, but also maintain equipment and asset maintenance costs.

Predictability is the key to keep running strong. Take a deeper look at the ways we can help you do it.

With our Condition Based Maintenance solution, you can:
  • Connect our monitoring platform to IoT sensors on your equipment and assets.
  • Configure it to meet your unique monitoring and reporting needs.
  • Manage equipment—even if you don’t have coding expertise—across a variety of different device types and business apps.
This will help you:
  • Proactively monitor remote assets and diagnostics.
  • Know machine health and when to schedule maintenance.
  • Take actions to avoid potential outages and downtime.

Drive customer experiences improvements.

Build better customer relationships with data-driven decisions.

Your customers can’t help but be happy when you’re using near real-time data to help keep their equipment running smoothly. By monitoring the condition of equipment and maintaining equipment proactively, you have the potential to improve your customers’ performance. Customers can control costs and labor when you remotely solve technical issues through wireless connectivity. What’s more, you can provide greater visibility into performance throughout facilities, helping customers maintain production across their locations and projects.

Don’t simply react to disruptions—know ahead of time where potential problems could develop and prevent them from escalating.

With our Condition Based Maintenance platform, you and your customers can monitor, control, and manage equipment and assets, leading to predictive insights, better-informed decisions and improved customer loyalty.

We can help you:
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase product performance.
  • Measure overall equipment effectiveness.

This proactive approach can produce results beyond equipment and asset life-cycle management. Our solution can ultimately help your customers by improve productivity which can increase revenue. By allowing them to apply the data you collect, they can also find ways to improve product design and strengthen their own customer relationships.

Create new revenue streams.

Unlock new services to fuel better business outcomes.

It’s an exciting time for equipment manufacturers who adopt industrial IoT solutions. Connected equipment and assets produce not only large amounts of actionable data, but also opportunities to collaborate more with customers to deliver mutually beneficial results. By taking responsibility for the quality and maintenance of your equipment and assets—wherever they reside with your customers—you can find ways to build a long-term service relationship.

As an industrial IoT service business, you can also use consolidated customer usage data for cross-selling and guiding product development. With our Condition Based Maintenance, we can help you become a trusted advisor by offering a complete equipment and asset management solution. Combine the added value of customized services to advanced data analytics and our proactive maintenance platform. This is how to give your customers what they need to be successful with your equipment.

We can help you:
  • Provide a service-oriented business model with ongoing service contracts.
  • Be in a better position to offer extended warranties and upgrade services.
  • Offer high-level reporting services to help improve customer operations.

The Verizon advantage

We know how to help you reap the benefits of IoT data. Run your business on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network to get near real-time visibility and predictive insights. We can help you reduce service dispatches and unexpected downtimes. Combine our expertise spanning IoT, networking and cloud solutions with proven machine-to-machine innovations and our award-winning network. Our Condition Based Maintenance helps you monitor and maintain your customer’s equipment for reliable operations.

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