Use cases for logistics

Asset tracking


IoT enables near real-time asset tracking to provide accurate location information, condition-based monitoring, and proactive alerts, improving visibility, reducing loss or theft, optimizing routing, and enhancing supply chain efficiency.

Inventory management


Use sensors to monitor stock levels, track expiration dates, and automate reordering processes. Real-time inventory visibility, demand forecasting, and automated inventory replenishment ensure optimal stock levels, minimize stockouts, and streamline inventory management.

Condition-based monitoring


Deploy IoT to monitor the condition of equipment, machinery, and cargo in logistics operations. Near real-time data on temperature, humidity, vibration, and other factors enable predictive maintenance, reducing downtime, preventing failures, and improving overall operational efficiency.

End-to-end solutions to support logisitics


Asset Management

Our Asset Management solutions provide a critical link to what’s happening to assets practically anywhere along your supply chain. Get near real-time data insights to make better, more informed decisions and drive improved operational efficiencies.


Remote Monitoring

Our environmental and equipment monitoring solutions can provide near real-time visibility into asset or equipment health, environmental conditions, diagnostics and performance for predictable operations.

Intelligent Video

Verizon Intelligent Video offers a comprehensive bundled surveillance-as-a-service solution that covers licensing, support, cloud and wireless network access.

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Critical Asset Sensor

Includes a multi-sensor device, access to data stream APIs, and Verizon 4G LTE-M M2M connectivity, all bundled together. Deploy multi-sensor devices in the field without having to worry about devices, connectivity, protocols, or security. 



Wireless connectivity gives IoT developers the most flexibility in design and implementation of their solutions in coverage, bandwidth, cloud, and security.


Getting your solutions to scale can be challenging. Verizon ThingSpace is here to help. We have partnered with a leading SIM producer to create a SIM offering to scale with your global M2M IoT needs.

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