Asset tracking out of the box from AWS, Verizon and Domo

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Verizon and Domo recently forged a first-of-its-kind partnership to help companies quickly and affordably get value from IoT asset tracking information. The solution combines the Critical Asset Sensor and LTE Cat M1 connectivity from Verizon with the AWS cloud platform and Domo’s powerful Asset Tracking application. Learn more


A simple solution to your data needs.

Solving business challenges is tough enough without having to figure out complex sensor solutions. Get right to the data you need to solve those challenges with the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor. The solution is built to tackle many different IoT use cases, from tracking a mobile asset to monitoring an indoor environment.



One device - many use cases.

The Critical Asset Sensor was made to get you from proof of concept to production quickly for many different use cases. The solution can adapt to numerous verticals and deliver meaningful business outcomes. Here are just a few ways it can be used.


Predictive maintenance

Device retro-fitted inside older elevator, vibration triggers alert to technicians.


Remote monitoring

Devices wired inside basement detect high levels of moisture. Triggers alerts to insurance company back-office.


Fleet management

Device wired inside vehicle tracks current location. Data transmits back to fleet’s back office in near real time.


Usage analysis

Sensor is installed inside water and sewer systems to detect pressure and water flow.


Predictive quality

Devices can be deployed in agricultural fields to monitor temperature conditions.


Your platform

Securely stream your device data to the cloud.

To make integration with your existing cloud deployments even easier, ThingSpace has partnered with the leading cloud services providers. ThingSpace Cloud Connectors allows you to send data directly to your existing IoT platforms and infrastructure, saving hours of development time. You can also send data to any cloud platform using our generic data stream APIs, giving you complete flexibility to deploy and ingest data from the Critical Asset Sensor to your custom business intelligence platforms.

Leverage our APIs to automatically manage registration, deployment, and operation of devices at scale. Also use our APIs to retrieve and update device properties even when the devices are not connected.

Critical Asset Sensor
Cat M1 Verizon Network
ThingSpace Platform
Cloud IoT Platform

Device details

Small in dimension. Big on function.

The Critical Asset Sensor device comes with seven sensors and GPS capabilities. You can leverage all of the sensors or just the ones you need for your use case.

  • Low power consumption with built in power save mode.
  • Cat M1 LTE chipset with band 13/4 support (US/Canada).
  • Secured from the factory with industry standard IoT certificates.
  • Bandwidth optimized for massive IoT cellular networks.
  • Configurable reporting and sensor read frequency.


Here's all the supporting information you need to get started. Want to learn more about the device, check out the Device spec sheet.

Network matters

Made to work on the latest massive IoT network.

The Critical Asset Sensor leverages Verizon's Cat M1 IoT network. LTE Cat M1 lowers the barrier of entry to the IoT world, providing a quick and easy way to develop, deploy and manage your sensor solutions. When combined with our revolutionary network, these devices are cost-effective, help support applications with low data needs and are able to stay in the field much longer without needing to change batteries.


LTE Cat M1 also uses networking protocols that help improve IoT coverage with better in-building and in-ground penetration. Feel confident that your business will be using the latest cellular technologies and ready for the 5G Massive IoT revolution with the Critical Asset Sensor.

Simple pricing

No-hassle packaged solution.

One bundled price for device, platform, and connectivity.

We've packaged the Critical Asset Sensor with the components you need to get up and running. Device, ThingSpace, API access, and LTE connectivity are all included in one recurring monthly price. This allows for minimal up-front cost to your business.

Whether your deploying 10 or 10,000 units, your billing scales linearly, allowing you to better manage costs and savings. Our packaged solution simplifies some of the billing complexities of IoT, keeping your finance and accounting teams happy.


  • Small, low power device
  • Measures location, temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, tilt, pressure and light
  • Bandwidth optimized for IoT cellular networks
  • Secured by industry standard IoT certificates


  • Device inventory monitoring
  • Device authorization and authentication
  • Device firmware management and over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • APIs for positioning and navigation
  • Cloud connectors for sending data to cloud providers


  • 100 MB monthly allowance
  • Verizon’s dedicated Cat M1 IoT network
  • APIs for device usage and connectivity management

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