Configuration Files for HTTP FOTA Devices

Verizon Open Development governs testing and certification of new firmware or software for IoT devices using ThingSpace Software Management. Some devices, however, may also contain configuration or supplementary files that drive the configuration of the device but are not explicitly software. ThingSpace Software Management API allows users to upload those configuration files and schedule them in a campaign to devices. When uploading configuration files, ThingSpace Software Management requires metadata about the files including version, make and model. 

Support of this feature requires explicit direction from the Device OEM who is responsible for providing templates and documentation for the files. ThingSpace Software Management acts as a delivery mechanism of the file and is not responsible for any misconfiguration done to the device. Please do not use this feature if your OEM has not instructed you on how to do it.

Once the file has been uploaded, scheduling a file campaign follows a similar model of scheduling a software campaign. File campaigns are based on a file name, which is generated based on the make, model, and file name uploaded. The make and model associated with the files are required to match the make and model of the device. There is no prerequisite version needed on the device, but ThingSpace Software Management reports the latest version of the file that was uploaded to the device in a campaign. Scheduling the timing of the files campaign is the same as scheduling the timing for software campaigns. Monitoring, cancelling, or changing the file campaign is the same as software campaigns. Pilot limits also apply; please perform a small-scale pilot campaign before broadcasting files at high scale.