Wireless Network Performance

ThingSpace Intelligence offers select capabilities from the Verizon Wireless Network Performance platform. This platform provides a holistic & detailed views into the performance of your devices on the Verizon Wireless network. It provides insights into key metrics, such as status, coverage, experience and more. And the more insights you have, the easier it becomes to make the smart business decisions your business needs to thrive. 

The static coverage and site proximity APIs allow your application to asynchronously check whether or not Verizon has 4G or 5G coverage at your site and see approximate azimuth and distance to the nearest serving nodes. Use these APIs when planning your deployment for adequate coverage.

The outage notification and network conditions APIs allow for proactive and reactive temporal conditions of the Verizon network for your devices of interest. Use these APIs when you suspect network degradation is impacting the performance for your devices.

The device experience APIs allow you to monitor the quality of experience health of your devices while on the network. The network performance experience service monitors devices against data accessibility, data availability, data retainability and data service integrity.

Wireless Network Performance service prerequisites:

  • ThingSpace account access
    • Your Verizon Enterprise billing account number
    • Your ThingSpace Develop account credentials
    • Your account’s UWS login credentials
  • Callback registration: 
    • All of these API’s are asynchronous to accommodate for processing time. A callback registration and listener is required
    • Refer to the IntelligenceService and AlertService types in the Callback Listener documentation
  • Trigger registration
    • Service Impacting Events relies on creating and maintaining triggers.
    • Trigger alerts are processed through the AlertService.
  • ThingSpace Intelligence premium bundle


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