What is ThingSpace Intelligence?

Since IoT devices are not routinely monitored by humans, rogue behavior can cause headaches for IoT account owners, such as changes in data usage, unplanned outages, malfunctioning devices and security risks.


Our IoT analytics engine empowers better decision making. The ThingSpace Intelligence Bundle offers a suite of analytical and management tools that make IoT easier to manage. With the ThingSpace Intelligence Service Bundle, you get:

  • Interactive dashboard experience for usage and connection insights
  • Network and device status monitoring to rule out connection issues
  • Endpoint security
  • Location, mapping and geo-fencing
  • Network-aware, coordinated firmware over-the-air (FOTA) management
  • Insight into planned and unplanned network events
  • Static coverage maps
  • Near real-time coverage maps*
  • Site proximity*
  • Custom map analytics including weather information*
  • Behavioral anomaly alerts*


*Premium bundle only

Use Cases


Fleet Management

Understand coverage areas for fleet or deployments


Consumer IoT Devices

Understand device data usage patterns to right-size data plans



Rule out network issues or outages when troubleshooting a malfunctioning machine



Locate compromised cameras and apply firmware updates to resolve


Public Safety

First responders can assess network and infrastructure impact in a disaster

The Benefits


Reduce cost variability

Predictable bills are important for managing the bottom line. Usage analytics can help customers understand and optimize IoT operations.


Reduce truck rolls

Remote IoT sensor management is easy with connectivity management capabilities and coordinated firmware over the air device management.


Increase device uptime

Full visibility to network, device and provisioning status, such as diagnostics and location information, can increase availability of real time sensor data for critical business operations.


Protect assets

Full visibility to network coverage and device status, such as diagnostics and location information, can increase availability of real-time sensor data for critical business operations.


Suspicious behavior

Be proactively notified when devices begin to behave unusually, potentially signaling security risks or needs for software updates.

Learn how the ThingSpace Intelligence Bundle can provide all the tools you need.

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