Hyper Precise Location API Reference

These pages show the methods, schema and components of the Hyper Precise Location APIs.

Here is a quick reference of the methods, sorted by functionality:

Device Management

Method Description
GET /devices/services Shows device status for Hyper Precise Location.
PUT /devices/services Enable/disable Hyper Precise Location.


Method Description
POST /report/aggregate

An aggregated sessions and usage report for a user specified selection of devices and date range (synchronous).

POST /report/asynch/aggregate

An aggregated asynchronous sessions and usage report for a user specified selection of devices and date range.

POST /report/sessions

A daily usage report for a single device for a specified date range (up to 180 days).

Callback Listeners

Method Description
GET /callbacks Get registered callback listeners.
POST /callbacks Register a callback listener.
DELETE /callbacks Deregister (delete) a callback listener.