About Current or Cached Location Information

ThingSpace Device Location Service retrieves a device’s location when it is requested; it does not actively track the location of all devices on the Verizon network. Each time a device’s location is requested, the location information is stored in the Location Service cache as well being returned to the requestor. You can request the current location of devices or the cached location, depending on your needs:

  • Current: Returns the current location of the device, and stores that location information in the cache. If a device’s location cannot be determined, an error message is returned.
  • Cached: Information from the last successful device location check is returned, or an error message is returned if there is no cached information for a device. There is no billing charge for requesting cached location information.
  • Cached or current: ThingSpace first looks for cached information for the device and returns that if it exists. If there is no cached information, it finds the current location of the device and returns that information, plus stores it in the cache.