Get location services subscription status:

GET /subscriptions/{account}

Returns the current status of an account’s Device Location Service subscription.


See also:
Get Location Service Usage

Uses and Requirements

There are two types of subscriptions:

  • A monthly recurring subscription, in which the account purchases a certain number of licenses per month to use the location service API. Uses above the amount purchased will be billed as event-based purchases.
  • An event-based subscription, in which the account is billed at the end of the billing cycle for the number of device location requests used.

Only recurring subscriptions are supported at this time.

License usage and billing events are counted by device, not by request. A single request to get the location of 10 devices would use 10 licenses or count as 10 billing events, not just 1.

Requests for cached location information do not use licenses or count as billing events.

Request Components

HTTP Request


Resource Path and Query Parameters

You must include the account name in the path.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string The name of the account for which you want to get the subscription status. An account name is usually in the format of 10 digits, a hyphen, and then five more digits. Must include any leading zeros.

Header Parameters

The request header must contain a current ThingSpace authorization bearer token and a valid VZ-M2M session token.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string HTTP Authorization bearer token.
string A valid session token returned by POST /api/m2m/v1/session/login.

Request Body


Success Responses

Status 200

A success response includes the account subscription status in a JSON array.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
accountName string The billing account that you requested subscription information for
locType string The Device Location subscription type, which will be one of these values:
Monthly recurring subscription for 5,000 non-GPS device locate requests
Monthly recurring subscription for 10,000 non-GPS device locate requests
Monthly recurring subscription for 100,000 non-GPS device locate requests
Monthly recurring subscription for 1,000,000 non-GPS device locate requests
maxAllowance string The number of billable location requests allowed per billing cycle
purchaseTime string The most recent time that licenses were purchased

Example Success Response

  "accountName": "2024009649-00001",
  "locType": "TS-LOC-COARSE-CellID-5K",
  "maxAllowance": "5000",
  "purchaseTime": "2017-05-10 06:25:25.171 +0000 UTC",

Failure Responses

Status 400

All error messages are returned in this format:

  "errorCode": "The type of error, such as INVALID_REQUEST.",
  "errorMessage": "Additional error information."

Error codes and messages are listed on the Error Codes page, along with explanations and suggestions for corrective actions.