Try the Device Location API

You will need tokens from two different accounts to use the Device Location API Console, an API Token and a Session Token:

  • The API Token is available after you sign in to your ThingSpace Develop account. Go to Key Management in your Account Settings. Refresh the Token and then copy it to the clipboard. Return to the API Console page and paste it into the Authorization: Bearer field below.
  • Obtain a Session Token by signing in to your UWS account using the POST /api/m2m/v1/session/login request of the Connectivity Management API. Use the session token that is returned in the response as the VZ-M2M-Token parameter value in the requests on this page.

NOTE: API Tokens are valid for one hour. Session tokens stay valid as long as they are being used, but expire after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Where to start

After you have your tokens, here is a suggested sequence of API requests to get you started:

  1. Use the GET /subscriptions request to see the status of your account’s Device Location Service subscription.
  2. Use the POST /locations request to find the current location of a device in your account.
  3. Try the GET /consents/{account} request to see if any devices in your account are excluded from location services.
  4. Optionally use the POST /consents request to exclude a device, but note that the list of devices that you include in the request will replace the existing list of excluded devices, not be added to it.