Error Codes

Synchronous Errors

All ThingSpace Diagnostics Services API resources use this set of status codes in responses.

HTTP Status Error Code Message Explanation and Suggested Action
500 INTERNAL_SYSTEM_ERROR The system encountered an internal error. Please try again later
400 DEVICE_NOT_FOUND The device was not found.  
500 DEVICE_UNREGISTERED The device is unregistered. Please check the device id to ensure it is correct, and if it is, please register the device.
400 DEVICE_NOT_ELIGIBLE The device is not eligible for service.  
403 ACCOUNT_USAGE_EXCEEDED The account usage has been exceeded.  
500 UNREGISTERED_ACCOUNT The account has been unregistered, and usage is no longer permitted.  
500 INACTIVE_ACCOUNT The account is inactive.  
400 INVALID_PARAMETER The request parameter is invalid.  
500 NOT_FOUND The database query could not be found.  
403 CALLBACK_NOT_REGISTERED Callback is not registered for this account. Register the callback URL so that the Diagnostics service callback notifications are sent to the registered URL endpoint.
401 INVALID_ACCOUNT An error was encountered when trying to verify the UWS account.  
400 INVALID_PARAMETER Transaction ID is already canceled. The observe associated with the transaction ID has ended.
400 INVALID_PARAMETER Observe has failed for this transaction ID. Check the transaction ID to ensure it is correct.

Asynchronous Errors

Error Code Error Message Message Resolution
INTERNAL_SYSTEM_ERROR Internal system error The system encountered an internal error.  
DEVICE_UNREACHABLE Device not reachable The device is not reachable.  The request will be sent to the device once it becomes available. 
DEVICE_UNREGISTERED Device not eligible for service The device is not registered.  
DEVICE_NOT_NOTIFY_DATA Device error Notify response data is not present.  
NO_DEVICE_NOTIFY_DATA_PRESENT Device error Observe request is active, but notify response has not yet been received.  
DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORT_FEATURE Device not eligible for service The device is not eligible for service as the node could not be found.  
OBSERVE_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS Observe already in progress An observe process is already in progress. Please cancel the current observe process and initiate a new observe process.
NO_ACTIVE_OBSERVE_IN_PROGRESS No active observe in progress There is no active observe in progress.  
DEVICE_ERROR Device error The device encountered an error.  
QUEUED_TIMEOUT Request queued timeout Pending queue time out error.  
UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error occurred. An unknown error occurred.