Error Codes

Error Codes

Synchronous Errors

All ThingSpace Diagnostics Services API resources use this set of status codes in responses.

HTTP Status Error Code Message Explanation and Suggested Action
500 INTERNAL_SYSTEM_ERROR The system encountered an internal error. Please try again later
400 DEVICE_NOT_FOUND The device was not found.  
500 DEVICE_UNREGISTERED The device is unregistered. Please check the device id to ensure it is correct, and if it is, please register the device.
400 DEVICE_NOT_ELIGIBLE The device is not eligible for service.  
403 ACCOUNT_USAGE_EXCEEDED The account usage has been exceeded.  
500 UNREGISTERED_ACCOUNT The account has been unregistered, and usage is no longer permitted.  
500 INACTIVE_ACCOUNT The account is inactive.  
400 INVALID_PARAMETER The request parameter is invalid.  
500 NOT_FOUND The database query could not be found.  
403 CALLBACK_NOT_REGISTERED Callback is not registered for this account. Register the callback URL so that the Diagnostics service callback notifications are sent to the registered URL endpoint.
401 INVALID_ACCOUNT An error was encountered when trying to verify the UWS account.  
400 INVALID_PARAMETER Transaction ID is already canceled. The observe associated with the transaction ID has ended.
400 INVALID_PARAMETER Observe has failed for this transaction ID. Check the transaction ID to ensure it is correct.

Asynchronous Errors

Error Code Error Message Message Resolution
INTERNAL_SYSTEM_ERROR Internal system error The system encountered an internal error.  
DEVICE_UNREACHABLE Device not reachable The device is not reachable.  The request will be sent to the device once it becomes available. 
DEVICE_UNREGISTERED Device not eligible for service The device is not registered.  
DEVICE_NOT_NOTIFY_DATA Device error Notify response data is not present.  
NO_DEVICE_NOTIFY_DATA_PRESENT Device error Observe request is active, but notify response has not yet been received.  
DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORT_FEATURE Device not eligible for service The device is not eligible for service as the node could not be found.  
OBSERVE_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS Observe already in progress An observe process is already in progress. Please cancel the current observe process and initiate a new observe process.
NO_ACTIVE_OBSERVE_IN_PROGRESS No active observe in progress There is no active observe in progress.  
DEVICE_ERROR Device error The device encountered an error.  
QUEUED_TIMEOUT Request queued timeout Pending queue time out error.  
UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error occurred. An unknown error occurred.