Quick API Reference

This API reference is organized by functional area, which generally equates to resource type.

ThingSpace Diagnostics Service API


HTTP Request Description
GET /subscriptions?accountName={account} Get diagnostics service subscription information

Factory Reset or Reboot

HTTP Request Description
POST ​/devices/actions/restart Performs a device reboot or a factory reset on the modem portion of the device.


HTTP Request Description
POST /devices/attributes/actions/observe Start diagnostics observation
DELETE /devices/attributes/actions/observe Stop diagnostics observation
POST ​/history​/actions​/$search Get diagnostics history data
GET /devices​/settings?accountName={account}&devices=[{"id":"{imei1}","kind":"imei"},{"id":"{imei2}","kind":"imei"] Retrieve diagnostics settings synchronously


HTTP Request Description
POST ​/callbacks Register a callback for a diagnostics subscription (custom headers)
GET /callbacks?accountName={account} Get the registered callback information of diagnostics subscription
DELETE ​/callbacks?accountName={account}&serviceName={service} Delete a previously registered callback