Device Diagnostics API

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The Device Diagnostics API lets you troubleshoot the connectivity of IoT devices. Using this API you can do the following things:

Verify all information about the device including:

  • Make and model and its Verizon certification SKU
  • Verizon data and SMS plans and other features and subscriptions of the device
  • Device identifiers associated with the device such as device hardware IMEI, ICCID of the SIM in the device, and its mobile directory number (MDN or MSISDN).
  • Provisioning status (e.g. Active, Pending Activation, Deactive, Suspended) of the device on the Verizon network
  • Connectivity status of the device such as whether the device is Connected for data traffic, the IP address, and the Roaming status of the device
  • Billing cycle of the device and its current bill cycle usage for data traffic as well as SMS messages
  • Last known location of the Device*
  • Current software version of the device*
  • Quality and Strength of the RF signal received by the device**

Live Stream RF data from the device**

  • RF Signal Strength
  • RF Link Quality
  • Cell Tower where the device is attached to the Verizon network
  • Network technology used by the device to connect to the Verizon network (e.g. 5G, LTE, NB-IOT), etc.

*These items (including all the items that can be live streamed) require certain service subscriptions that the device must have.

  • For device Location information, a Location Services Subscription or a Bundles Services subscription must be added to the customer account to which the device is billed.
  • For device Software version information as well as to update device software, a Software Management subscription of a Bundled Services subscription must be added to the customer account to which the device is billed.


**For RF quality information and live streaming, a Bundled services subscription must be added to the account to which the device is billed. Also, the RF communications module used by the IOT device must be certified for LwM2M diagnostics through the Verizon Open Development certification program. Certification for LwM2M diagnostics is now mandatory for communications modules being submitted for Verizon certification that support the LwM2M communication protocol. For example, most modules that support LTE CAT M communications do support the LwM2M protocol.

For more information on Location, Software Management and Bundles Services subscriptions, please contact your Verizon account representative.


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What’s New in the Device Diagnostics API

Getting Started

Introduction to the Device Diagnostics API
Get Credentials to Use the API

API Reference

API Reference
Get Diagnostic Subscription Information
Start Diagnostics Observation
Stop Diagnostics Observation
Get Diagnostics History Data
Get Diagnostics Settings
Register Diagnostics Callback Listener URL
Get the Callback Information of Diagnostics Subscription
Delete a Diagnostics Callback
Perform a Factory Reset or Reboot a Device
Error Codes

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