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We’ve created a program to help get cellular IoT solutions to market quickly, reliably and cost effectively. We help provide transparent pricing, design house and system integrator support, free certification support (through December 31, 2019), and bill initiated credits to get your device to market. We’ve selected partners that specialize in developing secure and reliable connectivity solutions, designing LTE chipsets and providing software tech to authenticate and protect devices and data. Contact us using the form below for details.


Connectivity that’s right for you. Our Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE M (Cat M1) networks give you the freedom to choose the connectivity that’s best for your specific application and has all the benefits of a secure, scalable and reliable cellular LTE network.

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Modules and modems

ThingSpace Services are pre-integrated on these modules and modems, making device development simple and efficient. ThingSpace enables OEMs to manage end-to-end device lifecycles through value-added ThingSpace Services, such as:

  • Advanced diagnostic support
  • Advanced security suite capable
  • Device location support
  • Baseband and application firmware over-the-air (FOTA) support
Pre-negotiated, simplified pricing on ThingSpace integrated modules and modems.
Which hardware solution is best for you?


  • Basic building blocks for IoT
  • Ideal for large volumes of end devices
  • Require network certification


  • Provide a faster path to market
  • Typical for smaller volume deployments
  • Pre-integrated and certified components

Select your network

To view modules and modems, select the network below that is compatible with your use case.

Below is the list of modules you can use to test and develop your unique IoT application.

Start your early NB-IoT trial today and learn how Verizon's nationwide NB-IoT network provides a cost-effective, secure and scalable connectivity option for your IoT application.


NB-IoT module


Quectel BG96 (3.0_NB1)

This module features low power consumption in a compact SMT form factor with a slim profile LGA package. Reference designs, evaluation tools, local sales and technical support are available.

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NB-IoT module


Telit ME910C1-NB

Offers reliable connections even when IoT devices are deep inside buildings or underground locations. Power Saving Mode and extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) make this module compatible for applications that require low power and long battery life.

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NB-IoT module



Includes embedded GNSS and extension capabilities with rich interfaces including UART, USB2.0 and GPIOs. The module is flexible and easy to integrate, with pin-for-pin compatibilitiy with a variety of other low-cost modules from SIMCom.

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G+D is the market leader in proven, scalable, standards-based security solutions for the IoT. G+D SIMs are a core component of a secure IoT deployment on the Verizon network.


Must be paired with a ThingSpace Ready module or modem. Standard and ruggedized SIM prices vary based on quantity. Prices start at $3 per SIM and go as low as $0.99.

Verizon announces the Rev-Up SIM Program: Qualifying OEMs can get up to five free SIMs to jump start their program.


Design Houses

Looking for support in designing your IoT solution? These design houses have experience building solutions on the ThingSpace platform and can help you achieve your IoT goal. And when you sign up through ThingSpace Ready, you'll be eligible to receive complimentary design services from select partners.

Leverage insight from IoT designers on the forefront of innovation.

Several cellular quick start designs

Get started quickly with a Bittium/ThingSpace Reference Design. Click here for more info.

Up to

100 Design Consulting Hours

Up to 100 design consulting hours at no additional cost to prospective OEM customers sourced by VZW, depending on the size of the business opportunity.

Simple 3 steps design program

Fixed price bundles to manage costs with confidence.

Start with the

30 day Smart Sensor Program

HAE Innovations 30 day Smart Sensor Program includes selection of reference design, customization and working samples.

30+ years of cellular design experience

Integrate ThingSpace Services and fly through certification.

Up to

100 Design Consulting Hours

Up to 100 design consulting hours at no additional cost to prospective OEM customers sourced by VZW, depending on the size of the business opportunity.

System integrators

Connect with an end-to-end integration partner for your IoT solution.

With specialized knowledge and diverse experience, our system integration partners can help you take your idea from concept to production.


GlobalLogic specializes in building software solutions for the ThingSpace ecosystem, including integrating sensors and gateways with the platform, building mobile or web clients for data visualization and decision support, porting connectivity or protocol SDKs to target platforms and building full production-grade vertical solutions on ThingSpace.


10% system integration credit hours at no cost for OEMs that sign up for these services.

With global experience in design, engineering and certification, Tech Mahindra enables customers to certify and launch devices across multiple networks, including Verizon and its global partners. Tech Mahindra can help take your devices global.


Our way of saying, “Thank you!”

Earning your rebates are easy.

Receive an incentive for every device built and activated on the Verizon network.

1. Build

Build device with ThingSpace Ready hardware.

2. Certify

Certify through Open Development program. Learn more.

3. Activate

Receive bill credit after device remains active on the network for the qualifying period. Certain restrictions apply.