Intelligent Traffic

Connected roads for a better driving experience.

Smart roads are possible thanks to intelligent traffic systems that use data to help drivers spend more time at their destination—and less time getting there. Verizon Intelligent Traffic Management provides tools and analytics to help you see into your road and traffic infrastructure. Sensors embedded and installed at various points along roadways and intersections can communicate wirelessly to software residing in a secure cloud environment. Customers can access aggregated performance metrics such as speed, travel times, vehicle/bicycle counts, volume/capacity, turns and red-light violations, among other valuable traffic statistics. This information can help municipalities and other transportation planning organizations effectively manage the flow of traffic.

Intelligent Track and Trace lets you monitor valuable or perishable goods that are at risk of theft, are environmentally sensitive or may be critical parts of high-demand healthcare settings. In the Pharmaceutical industry, our track-and-trace solutions can also provide reporting and help you address your compliance with the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Help reduce traffic delays and related harmful emissions. Get moving again with cloud-based traffic management.

With Intelligent Traffic Management, you can:
  • Oversee and improve drive time.
  • Reduce driver stops.
  • Adapt signals to smooth traffic flow.
  • Assess system performance in near real time.

Intersection safety analytics

Analyze traffic behavior with data insights.

You don’t have to rely on manually collecting historical traffic-accident data to make important decisions about safety in your community. The Verizon Intersection Safety Analytics solution can help city and transportation leaders quickly and cost-effectively get the analytics they need. With Intersection Safety Analytics you can make decisions to help improve the safety of drivers, vehicle passengers, pedestrians and cyclists traveling on your roads. The solution supports Vision Zero, an international, multidisciplinary initiative which aims to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. Over 35 U.S. cities have publicly announced commitment to Vision Zero.

With 24x7 visibility from data and analytics, you can gain the insights needed to change potentially dangerous traffic behaviors and patterns. Our online portal is available all day, every day for customers to log in and access reports. The solution provides the hardware, connectivity and the analytics to help you make the right changes through infrastructure updates, road redesign, awareness campaigns and traffic enforcement. The Intersection Safety Analytics solution can help provide the data you need to help you improve the safety of the people you work to protect.


Improve traffic flow.

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