Intelligent Lighting

Achieve the perfect balance of energy efficiency and safety.

Verizon Intelligent Lighting makes it possible to regulate light levels in ways you never imagined. Cities, replacing their aging outdoor and street lighting infrastructure. Verizon Intelligent Lighting can help cities create safe, energy-efficient environments. Smart street lighting sensors are connected to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Sensors dim or turn lights on and off so they’re only used when they’re needed.

As an end-to-end, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, our Intelligent Lighting solution delivers hardware, software, professional service and connectivity—all on the secure Verizon IoT platform.

Turn on a smarter lighting system. Help improve energy use and public safety.

Explore our interactive map to see where Intelligent Lighting is deployed, helping save energy and create safe environments. See the map.

Verizon Intelligent Lighting can help you:
  • Illuminate roadways and walkways to help improve public safety with integrated smart LED lighting.
  • Direct traffic, alert people and advertise with audio speakers, digital signage and sensors.
  • Make better operational and security decisions with near real-time data and energy analytics to respond quicker.
  • Cut energy consumption with sustainable lighting.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity.
  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic flow.
  • Create revenue opportunities with digital signage, video and music.
  • Trigger alerts with automatic light, moisture, sound and other environmental sensors.

Get more out of your existing public lighting infrastructure.

The Sensity NetSense platform delivers a light sensory network with technology that transforms LED light fixtures into sensor-equipped smart devices capable of capturing and transmitting data in near real-time. Because it’s a cloud-based platform, NetSense can evolve and adjust to growing applications and requirements over time. Applications, feature updates and firmware upgrades can be delivered seamlessly through the cloud and the platform is designed to enable future capabilities, including enhanced functionality and strong security.


Easily turn your LED fixtures into smart devices.

The NetSense Light Sensory Network platform was designed to work with the NetSense Core Node EX, a GPS-enabled device that quickly converts LED fixtures into IP-enabled sensory nodes. These nodes provide both lighting control and cloud-based IoT services using a standard National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) socket. By capturing lighting data and sending it to the cloud, where it can be quickly and easily retrieved by the NetSense platform, we can provide you with actionable insight into the state of your lighting infrastructure while enabling you to use a broad array of lighting applications and services.

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