Refrigeration Monitoring

Maintaining the right temperature for inventory is critical for perishables and to prevent costly waste due to spoilage. Our Refrigeration Monitoring solution offers a commercial refrigeration and cooler monitoring package for your climate-controlled environment to help address the issue of food spoilage and maintain compliance with industry standards.



Use cases for 5G Business Internet

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Internet Connectivity



Business impacted by cable cuts or long installation intervals because of new access builds.


5G Business Internet, which can be installed in days/weeks versus months; is a wireless alternative to cable.

Business Continuity



Diverse internet connectivity with options for load balancing.



Primary, backup or load share internet connection with existing wired service.

Branch Connectivity



New branches or locations require costly cable with long lead-time.



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Why refrigeration monitoring?



    Monitor each step


Aid inventory handling and storage monitoring during production, warehousing and distribution.

default_icon    Set temperature thresholds


Keep perishables within preset temperatures with real time alerts if temperatures go outside the preset thresholds.

    Take action


Spot potential hazards or leaks in storage or processing areas, allowing for immediate corrective action.

    Keep compliant


Facilitate compliance with government & other regulations and aid compliance reporting automation.

    Stay fresh


Ensure freshness and safety for perishables by proactively preventing spoilage, damage, or unsafe conditions.

    Conserve costs


Avoid costly spoilage.

Use cases for refrigeration monitoring

Whether you're a small deli or one of the largest warehousing franchises in the country, we can create an affordable solution that satisfies your needs.  Fill out the form to get started now.


Restaurants & Food Services

Food safety and quality are top concerns in the food service industry. As restaurants face incredibly tight margins and intense competition, food spoilage and foodborne illness are significant threats to budgets, reputation and public relations.


Use the Refrigeration Monitoring solution to receive alerts any time our sensors detect a refrigeration failure and save thousands of dollars in preventable food spoilage.


Meat Distribution & Wholesale

Federal law requires that only inspected and passed meat and meat food products may be used in the preparation of products sold at retail stores or restaurants. Non-compliance can result in fines and penalties and for larger violations may result in suspension.


Any time our sensors detect that a freezer has lost power, our Refrigeration Monitoring solution will send alerts to avoid thousands of dollars in spoiled inventory.


Beverage Bottling

Large beverage bottlers have thousands of high-value assets scattered all over the country.


With our Refrigeration Monitoring solution, receive alerts any time our sensors detects that a climate-controlled environment has lost power to avoid experiencing higher than acceptable temperatures that could result in thousands of dollars in spoiled inventory.

What refrigeration monitoring can do for you


Improve monitoring

  • Monitors equipment health, uptime, and overall equipment effectiveness
  • 24/7 continuous monitoring
  • Instant alerting when a problem is detected
  • Food spoilage prevention
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased equipment uptime and lifespan
  • Plug and play out of the box experience
Boost asset protection

  • Customizable alarms
  • Mobile friendly
  • 24/7 Alerts via SMS or email
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased equipment lifespan
  • Lower energy costs
Increase operational efficiency

  • Automated logging and reporting

  • Reduced manual logging

  • Instant regulatory report creation

  • Modular design that allows you to easily add more sensors

  • Affordable subscription model with pricing tiers based on need
  • Increased staff efficiency


How it works


Simply combine ready to use sensors with a gateway to monitor critical assets.  We’ll work with you to configure a solution that best meets your business needs. 

All Condition Based Maintenance solutions are fully integrable with other cloud environments like AWS and Microsoft Azure.  Use our APIs and webhooks to integrate with other external systems such as computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), ERP systems, ticketing systems and more.


Our recommended refrigeration monitoring sensors are easy to install and use.  They take readings at regular intervals which are then sent to the IoT gateway.


The IoT gateway aggregates and forwards these readings to Verizon’s Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Cloud.


The CBM platform identifies food safety and maintenance issues and notifies you via SMS or email as soon as an issue is identified.

Refrigeration monitoring in action

Our refrigeration monitoring sensors work together to ensure that the quality of your product is protected from everything angle.


  • Intelligent alerts monitor when freezer doors open and close (1).
  • Events like power outages or compressors and defrost cycles are captured in real time (2)
  • Wireless temperature (3) and humidity sensors (4) log data to help simplify operations and provide insights into trends and performance, energy consumption and usage.
  • Battery-powered sensors allow continued monitoring of valuable inventory when in transit and in storage (5).

Complex needs, simple dashboard

Our Refrigeration Monitoring solution allows you to remotely manage multi-site operations in a single pane of glass.


  •  Unified asset management dashboard
  •  Map view of companies, locations and assets
  •  Detailed KPI’s, sensor visualizations and analytics
  •  Intelligent real time alerts and notifications

Get started

Solutions are highly configurable to meet a variety of needs.  Get in touch now and an account rep will contact you soon to talk about how to make Refrigeration Monitoring work for your business.


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