Manage your assets with the power of IoT.

Knowing where your products are is crucial to business success, but that doesn’t make it easy. In today’s economy, it’s important to track equipment and products to help keep your business operations efficient and provide quality customer experiences.

From factory floor to final delivery our Asset Management solutions provide a critical link to what’s happening to assets practically anywhere along your supply chain. You’ll have near real-time data insights to make better, more informed decisions, driving improved operational efficiencies, fast issue identification and resolution, and cost control.


Data sent from connected assets helps you streamline logistics and increase the availability of critical resources. Plus, you can keep assets secure and in good condition. Our Asset Management solutions can help your business keep goods moving efficiently and deliveries on schedule.


You can use our solutions individually or combine them to get all these capabilities from a single vendor.

Our suite of Intelligent Asset Management solutions can help:
  • Reduce revenue loss caused by improper storage of products in transit.
  • Track and manage inventory better.
  • Improve supply chain processes.

Introducing the Verizon Cat M1 Critical Asset Sensor.

The Verizon Critical Asset Sensor device is built to solve several types of IoT use cases. Whether you want to track a mobile asset in the field or monitor an indoor environment, the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor device is up for the task. The device hosts seven environmental sensors and tracks real-time GPS location. The Verizon Critical Asset Sensor is capable of operating in damp conditions.

The Verizon Critical Asset Sensor unit comes pre-integrated with the Verizon ThingSpace Connectivity Management Platform. This platform handles onboarding and lifecycle management of the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor unit in the field. ThingSpace handles the direct device communication, allowing you to securely ingest data into your cloud. ThingSpace can help monitor devices for abnormalities, push firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates when necessary and act as a single point of integration for your back-office servers. If you’re looking for a completely integrated solution, contact us to get started.

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