Accelerate IoT with ThingSpace Cloud Connectors.

ThingSpace brings the cloud and connectivity together. We've partnered with leading cloud service providers to simplify the path to all the benefits IoT can offer. The Cloud Connectors program allows you to build a powerful IoT solution by combining your cloud solution, the nation's more reliable 4G LTE network and device lifecycle management tools. Develop and get to market even faster using our pre-integrated development kits.

Capture the benefits of IoT faster by working with our providers.

All of your IoT devices, software and platforms should work together to accomplish your business challenge. That's why we partnered with trusted cloud service providers to enable faster collaboration. ThingSpace Cloud Connectors combines software that's pre-integrated with cloud providers with Verizon -and partner- certified development kits so you can focus your development time on making your devices do the job you need them to do.

Once you have your application developed and your devices set up, you can easily connect them to Verizon's reliable 4G LTE network and access the ThingSpace Data Streaming service to securely stream your data to the cloud. ThingSpace also provides a simplified solution for IoT lifecycle management so you can keep all the pieces of your IoT solution operating smoothly.

Do you want to buy a solution or build a device?

Whether you want to leverage an off-the-shelf solution that has everything you need to quickly get started, or you want to build a custom solution without starting from scratch, we have you covered. Click the options on the right to learn more.

Critical Asset Sensor

One device, seven sensors, many use cases

IoT Development Kit

Build, connect and stream to AWS

Multiple sensors, one device.

Get right to the data you need to solve business challenges with the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor. The solution is built to tackle many different IoT use cases and allows you to send data directly to your Cloud, existing IoT platforms and infrastructure, saving hours of development time. Optimized for Massive IoT cellular networks, the Critical Asset Sensor comes with seven sensors and GPS capabilities. Leverage them all or just the ones you need for our use case.


Use cases

The Critical Asset Sensor was made to get you from proof of concept to production quickly for a number of different use cases. The solution can adapt to numerous verticals and get you meaningful business outcomes that require sensor data. Here are just a few wats it can be used.


Predictive maintenance

Device retro-fitted inside older elevator, vibration triggers alert to technicians.


Remote monitoring

Devices wired inside basement detect high levels of moisture. Triggers alerts to insurance company back-office.


Fleet management

Device wired inside vehicle tracks current location. Data transmits back to fleet’s back office in near real time.


Usage analysis

Sensor is installed inside water and sewer systems to detect pressure and water flow.


Predictive quality

Devices can be deployed in agricultural fields to monitor temperature conditions.

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IoT Development Kit

Introducing our latest Cloud Connectors development kit. The kit is qualified by AWS to work on its platform and leverage Verizon’s LTE Cat M1 network. Collaborating with STMicroelectronics, a leader in chip manufacturing and IoT components, we’ve assembled hardware – including a processor, modem, antenna and multiple sensors – and software to ensure everything works together, right out of the box. Download the fact sheet.




Supports the Amazon FreeRTOS (real time operating system).


Stream your device data to the cloud via ThingSpace APIs.


Connect to low-power cellular through an LTE Cat M1 modem

What’s included

IoT component Source
Hardware onboard software STMicroelectronics developer kit
Data storage application hosting analytics Amazon Web Services | Download Amazon FreeRTOS user guide
Device connectivity Verizon ThingSpace
4G LTE network Verizon
1. Get your device.

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2. Get connectivity.

Once you receive your development kit, select a developer connectivity plan to test your devices on the nation’s most reliable wireless network.