When close enough isn't good enough.

The emerging automated and autonomous vehicle and IoT markets require high-precision positioning technologies that significantly outperform today’s GPS technology. Verizon's Hyper Precise Location provides up to centimeter-level accuracy, in comparison to three to nine meters with GPS alone. Click here to see Verizon's coverage map. 

Wireless networks cut through the clutter of traditional GPS technologies.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS) are widely used today in almost all varieties of localization applications. However, traditional GNSS technologies only offer an accuracy level of three to nine meters. The inaccuracy is mainly caused by multiple error sources between the GNSS satellites and customer devices: e.g. satellite clock and orbit errors, as well as atmospheric errors. 


Real Time Kinematics (RTK) is the core technology that provides hyper precise location data for IoT services where accuracy is critical. RTK drastically minimizes errors to provide hyper precise location accuracies of sub-meter or even centimeter-level in all three dimensions: horizontal (latitude & longitude) and vertical. Verizon has deployed reference stations across the US to provide pinpoint-level accuracy to RTK compatible IoT devices. Verizon Hyper Precise Location is carrier-grade, and built to scale with Verizon's reliability.


1.  Verizon's RTK stations collect satellite data

The nation-wide RTK reference stations collect and send back GNSS Observables to a Verizon backend infrastructure for data processing.

2. Backend analyzes network-wide satellite data

The Verizon backend then distributes the GNSS correction data to the devices in the field. 


3. Corrections minimize errors

The RTK-capable devices use the correction data to help determine their location with up to centimeter-level accuracy, in near real time.


Accurate location is critical for real time autonomous vehicle platforms.

Hyper precise location paired with 5G Edge enables high bandwidth, low latency and near real-time applications. This level of precision is highly demanded by autonomous vehicles, safety applications and high-automation IoT applications.

Standard GPS: Accurate to 3-9 meters
Standard GPS is not able to capture the vehicle’s trajectory of precise maneuvers.

5G Enhanced Location: Accurate to 1-2 centimeters
RTK technology helps position the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy in near real time.

Open a world of possibilities.


Unmanned Vehicles

Safer navigation and placement of deliveries


Vehicle Automation

Safer navigation and visual sensor validation (self park)



Regulatory compliance when defining track location



Higher yield thanks to accurate placement and tending



Lower overhead and higher success rate locating shipments



Higher accuracy and reduction of rework when digging and during utility placement



Increase map value through precise accuracy



Remotely monitor structures avoiding costly truck rolls


Rapid Response

Quicker response times due to higher location accuracy



Higher accuracy during excavation and placement, reducing overhead and rework

Put Hyper Precise Location to work in your IoT solution.

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