5G Business Internet. Ultra Fast. Ultra Simple.

With ThingSpace, managing 5G Business Internet connectivity has never been easier.

The best 5G network

5G Business Internet delivers Verizon's first wireless internet solution powered by 5G Ultrawide Band for ultra-fast speed you can rely on.


None of the cable. All of the performance.
A wireless network reliable and fast enough to power your whole business.


C-Band Benefits

Expands 5G Ultra Wideband deployment across the continental United States, supporting business use cases that require coverage, performance, and more.


5G Business Internet Welcome Kit

  • Everything you need to get started with 5G Business Internet
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5G and Business Agility

  • Advantages of 5G fixed wireless internet
  • Why fixed wireless for business?
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5G Business Internet and ThingSpace


Manage IoT devices and their 5G connections no matter where they are with the ThingSpace portal or by integrating with APIs.


ThingSpace APIs are the most effective way to manage bulk connections.  ThingSpace's real-time-reporting automatically shares information about usage, anomalies, transaction rules, logs and more, allowing you to stay up to date about connectivity.


Existing ThingSpace customers can check 5G Business Internet availability directly through the ThingSpace portal.*


*Currently supporting C-Band only

  • default_imgActivate, suspend, resume, or deactivate wireless service
  • default_imgMake hardware or SIM swaps any time
  • default_imgTroubleshoot, monitor and manage usage in near real time
  • default_imgSet alerts to notify you of issues as they arise

Understanding Business Internet for ThingSpace

See which business internet service is available at your address.


LTE Business Internet


  • Coverage across 99% of the US

  • Bring your own device

  • Mid and low bandwidth alternatives

  • Mobile / temporary locations

  • Public Dynamic IP

  • Public Static IP

  • Private networking (MPN) 


5G Business Internet


  • Coverage in most major cities in the contiguous U.S.

  • Bring your own device

  • 5G Ultra Wideband speed and performance

  • 4G LTE failover embedded

  • Public Dynamic IP

  • Public Static IP

  • Private networking (MPN)

What to expect from 5G Business Internet




Fast speeds

Choose from multiple speed tiers, with 5G speeds that enable critical processing power for business applications requiring real-time data analysis and decision-making.




Power your business with lots of devices connected, so your point-of-sale, video monitoring, AR/XR/VR and more can run on our ultra-fast and reliable wireless network.


Support business continuity

Whether you use 5G Business Internet
for primary or backup connectivity, our
built-in redundancy helps to increase internet uptime.



Fast and scalable connectivity

The right platform for advanced connectivity, particularly well suited for data-rich use cases.


Begin your path to leverage 5G

Enhanced customer experience,  improved Wi-Fi and point-of-sale speeds.

Use cases for 5G Business Internet

Secure, reliable connectivity to meet your business needs.  Ready to get started? Contact a Verizon representative.

Internet Connectivity


Business impacted by cable cuts or long installation intervals because of new access builds.


5G Business Internet, which can be installed in days/weeks versus months; a wireless alternative to cable.

Business Continuity


Diverse internet connectivity with options for load balancing.


Primary, backup or load share internet connection with existing wired service.

Branch Connectivity


New branches or locations require costly cable with long lead-time.


Quickly enable new locations, position your network for future application-aware routing when 5G ecosystem includes network slicing.

Internet of Things


IoT happens in the real world... and the real world doesn't always have an ethernet cable.


IoT assets can leverage Fixed Wireless Access routers for IoT connectivity, with 5G Business Internet providing higher bandwidth with unlimited data plans for IoT data streaming.


5G Business Internet unlocks IoT anywhere* for high value assets

kiosk_icon Kiosks


camera_icon Intelligent monitoring                       


healthcare_icon Medical diagnostics         


Cities_icon Smart cities

shopping_icon Retail and point-of-sale


Manufacturing_icon Industrial automation


Worksite_icon Worksite safety


ar_icon AR/VR/XR

*Limited to our C-Band coverage


Learn more about leveraging ThingSpace to manage and automate

5G Business Internet connectivity.

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