Innovative IoT solutions demand intelligent security.

With the ever-expanding reach and capabilities of IoT, so is the ever-increasing need for security. Cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar challenge attracting professional, nation-state and opportunistic hackers alike. That’s why Verizon puts security at the heart of IoT.


IoT Device Security Management

Our Operational Device Security (ODS) service enables you to manage your on-device security, including:

  • Security profile management
  • Firewall creation and management
  • Secure boot
  • Device security monitoring and alerts
  • At-a-glance dashboard to help you visualize your security status

An integrated approach provides layered protection.

1. Protect: Internet of Things

Harden assets to help protect data and secure perimeter.

Device management
  • Control your IoT deployments by moving away from point solutions
  • Automatically deploy, provision and manage devices without intervention
  • Establish a secure enclave around your devices
Data security and integrity
  • Secure your data at the source and in motion
  • Verify devices are trusted and secure the integrity of your data
  • Use credentialing to enable data privacy and integrity on any network
Secure trust loop
  • Establish a trust anchor that reaches the virtual IoT world
  • Enable secure delivery of firmware and configuration updates
  • Keep malicious code out of your network and IoT ecosystem

2. Detect: Internet of Things

Awareness, discovery and assessment.

Event level
  • Develop situational awareness by normalizing events for analysis
  • Prioritize IoT operating ecosystem to enable addressing “first things first”
  • Provide event notifications when your device integrity is compromised
Connectivity level
  • Use IoT network scanning for weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Create a trail of forensic evidence to help protect your environment
  • Manage primary and secondary data paths dynamically
Content level
  • Address privacy and security compliance requirements
  • Establish a detailed undertanding of the packet payloads
  • Gather event-based analysis; actionable tamper evidence

3. Respond: Internet of Things

Remediate, validate and recover.

Physical fitness
  • Coordinate firmware updates to help maintain your security
  • Reduce your device threat surface by updating to the latest protocols
  • Lock down or throttle devices when a threat is detected
Policy management
  • Filter, block and control the way devices are being used
  • Provide prescriptive orchestration of operational mitigations
  • Create an audit trail by informing your trouble-ticketing systems
Security culture
  • Educate people on the dangers of unsecured IoT networks
  • Identify security champions as part of your IoT deployments
  • Create and test incident response plans and staff actions

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