Connectivity for Developers

Get your devices connected quickly.

If you're in the initial ideation, prototyping or testing phase of your IoT solution, ThingSpace has the connectivity solutions to meet the size and goals of your project.

Select the plan that's right for your development stage and easily manage your devices via the ThingSpace portal. When you're ready to commercialize, easily upgrade to our scalable enterprise-grade connectivity solution.

  • Test your devices on the nation's largest 4G LTE network
  • Monitor device data
  • Up to 20 lines of service
  • Monitor usage in near real time
  • Activate, deactivate, suspend or resume cellular service
  • Swap hardware and SIMs
  • No-hassle payments via credit card
  • Choose an annual plan: 10 MB or 1 GB
  • Up to 20 SIM cards included

Get connected.

Access the award-winning Verizon network and get the data plans you need to bring your IoT solutions to life. ThingSpace now offers IoT Conectivity for Developers, making it easy to prototype and test your ideas. Choose between two flexible data plans and a low-cost per-device fee and you're ready to bring your devices to life.

Coverage not available in all areas. Network details and coverage maps at Taxes and Terms of Service apply.

*Plan restricted to Verizon IoT certified devices and development devices loaded in our DMD. International roaming, voice capability and multimedia messaging are not included. No activation fee. Credit card only – no ETF. No subsidies.




  • 1GB data/year
  • Share up to 20 Verizon certified devices
  • 1,200 SMS per year per line of service

Taxes and fees apply




  • 10 MB data/year
  • Share up to 20 Verizon certified devices
  • 1,200 SMS per year per line of service

Taxes and fees apply


Jumpstart your solution with IoT SIMs

For a limited time, Verizon Wireless will provide SIMs at no charge for each line you activate under your plan, up to a maximum of 20 SIMs. Offer applies only to Developer Connectivity account holders. Sign in or sign up, purchase a data plan and then request your SIMs. Requests will be filled within 2 business days. Allow up to 5 business days for shipping.

Your prototype deserves the best network.

Whether you need the fastest data speeds available from our 4G and 5G LTE network or if you’re looking for lower-cost and lower-power solutions such as NB-IoT or Cat M1, Verizon has you covered. Not sure which network is right for you? Check out our Prototype guide.


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