Version 1.5 - Updated on 10/20/2016

Superclass: PCResourceAPIParams
Declared In: PCSearchAPIParams.h





PCSearchAPIParams stores parameters required to search for files or folders and performs parameter validation.



- (void)setSortKey:(NSString *)sortKey isAscending:(BOOL)ascending;
  • Discussion
    Call this method to set the sort order for search results. Set the parameter sortKey to the field on which sort is to be done. If the parameter ascending is set to true, the results are displayed in the ascending order. Otherwise, if the parameter ascending is set to false, the results are displayed in the descending order.



@property (nonatomic, assign) int count;
  • Discussion
    Maximum items to include in a paginated response, for folder requests. Required if start is specified.


@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *query;
  • Discussion
    Contains the text to be searched and supports a number of query fields that allow clients to restrict the search to particular parts of a file’s or folder’s metadata. The query parameter is based on Lucene search query syntax which takes the following format: query=field:value AND field:value AND field:value. Required. Search can be done on the following fields:
    • author
    • commentCount
    • contentChecksum
    • contentType
    • extension
    • file(Set to true to search for files only and to false to search for folders only)
    • name
    • path
    • size
    • versionCreated


@property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *sort;
  • Discussion
    Specifies sort order of the response. Syntax is: {field}+{asc|desc}. Valid values for field' are:
    • name
    • type
    • versionCreated
    • size
    • extension
    • album
    • artist
    • captureDate
    • compilation
    • contentType
    • creationDate
    • favorite
    • genre
    • height
    • modificationDate
    • priority
    • source
    • tags
    • title
    • timelineDate


@property (nonatomic, assign) int start;
  • Discussion
    Starting point for partial responses, for folder requests. Default is 1.

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