iOS SDK Reference Version 1.1

Updated on 6/16/2016

Main Classes

  • PCAPI - base class for all HTTP queries.
  • PCAPIParams checks validity of the parameters of each API.
  • PCAPIQueryResponse - all PCAPIQuery responses are embedded in this format.
  • PCAPISDK - acts as the interface between iOS SDK and a third party applications. Includes all main methods that you can use to make the API calls.

Authentication and Authorization Classes

Account Information Classes

Contacts Classes

File and Folder Operations Classes

  • PCCreateFolderAPIParams - stores parameters required to create a folder.
  • PCDeleteParams - stores parameters required to delete a file or a folder.
  • PCFilesAPIParams - stores parameters required to download a file.
  • PCFOPSAPIParams - stores base parameters for all file and folder operations such as copy, rename, and move.
  • PCMetadata - stores metadata information of a folder and the files and folders it contains.
  • PCMetaDataAPIParams - stores additional parameters required to retrieve metadata of any resource.
  • PCResource - stores the metadata information of a file or a folder.
  • PCResourceAPIParams - stores common parameters required to retrieve a resource from Personal Cloud Storage.
  • PCSearchAPIParams - stores parameters required to search for files or folders and performs parameter validation.
  • PCThumbnailAPIParams - stores parameters required to retrieve a thumbnail of a file.

File Upload

Playlists Classes

Trash Can Classes

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