Class: Share

Version 1.5 - Updated on 03/23/2017





Share class represents a shared file or folder.


  • links — Array of link objects
  • public_invite_key — The invite key of a public share
  • uid - Unique ID of the share
  • name - Name of the share
  • owner - Owner of the share
  • sharer - The person who created the share
  • total_resource_count - The number of shared resources
  • expires_in - The time to live of the share in seconds
  • expiration_date - Expiration date of the share.
  • creation_date - The date and time when the playlist has been created.
  • last_modified_date - The timestamp of the last change to the share.
  • inbound_last_modified_date - The date and time the share was last modified from the perspective of a member.
  • resources - Array of the resources which you can use to download a shared file.

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