Class: PlaylistItem

Version 1.5 - Updated on 03/23/2017





PlaylistItem class represents a file in a user’s playlist.


  • checksum — The file content’s SHA-256 checksum value.
  • content_accessible — Boolean value that specifies if the content is accessible.
  • content_token - A unique token that identifies the file.
  • extension - The file extension.
  • filename - The name of the file.
  • file_attribute - Map of key and value pairs specific to the playlist item. The set of keys varies depending on the file type.
  • mime_type - Type of content.
  • path - Full path to the file.
  • size - The size of the file in bytes.
  • tags - Any tag metadata that a client includes when uploading a file.
  • URI - Unique resource identifier
  • version_created - Date and time in ISO 8601 format of the last change to the file.


  • download_url() — Download URL that can be used to download the file.

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