Python Kepler Cloud File Explorer





Python Kepler Cloud File Explorer is a sample app designed to display Verizon Personal Cloud Storage user content. You can use it to view information about photos, videos and music files. The account information feature allows you to display the quota usage details for the Verizon Personal Cloud Storage account.

Before you can download Python Kepler Cloud File Explorer, you must first log on to ThingSpace Developer Portal and accept Verizon terms and conditions. If you start downloading the file without logging on, the download will stop and you will be redirected to the log on screen. Download will resume after a successful log on.

Setting up Your App



  1. Install Django (the File Explorer is built using Django).

    pip install django
  2. Run the Django app.

    1. Navigate to the sample-app/kepler directory.
    2. Start the development server on port 8000: python python runserver`
    3. Open see the logon screen.


Before your can begin to make api calls, update the Django middleware class sample-app/kepler/kepler/middleware/ with your app’s Key and Secret, and set the Callback URL to This process automatically exchanges the OAuth 2.0 authorization code for access token and stores them inside the Django session.

Supported API calls

For the list of supported API calls, refer to Python Release Guide.

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