Personal Cloud Storage SDK for PHP Version 1.1 Release Guide

Release date 6/16/2016



The following features are included in this release. Refer to the sections below for detailed listing of supported APIs.

The SDK PHP Kepler Cloud File Explorer
Authentication and authorization Authentication and authorization
Account information Account information
Contacts Contacts
File and folder operations File and folder operations
File upload File upload
Playlists Playlists
Trash Trash

Supported API calls

The following is a list of the API callsClass which are supported by te SDK and PHP Kepler Cloud File Explorer.

SDK is the gateway to access Personal Cloud Storage APIs. Included in this class are all main methods that you can use to make the API calls.

  • Authentication and Authorization

    • getAuthorize - helper function to create authorization URL.
    • getAuthorizeRedirection - redirects to the authorization URL.
    • getToken - retrieves new Access and Refresh tokens.
    • loggedIn - returns boolean value true if the user is logged on.
    • updateAccesToken - updates expired access token with new access token.
  • Account Information

    • getAccount - retrieves account information.
  • Contacts

    • getContactInfo - retrieves contact information.
  • File and Folder Operations

    • copy - creates a copy files or folders.
    • createFolder - creates a folder in the user’s Cloud Storage.
    • deleteData - deletes a file or a folder.
    • deltaView - retrieves a list of all files and folders changed after ETag.
    • getFileContent - retrieves file content.
    • getFullview - retrieves a list of all files and folders.
    • getMetadata - retrieves file or folder metadata.
    • getSearch - retrieves search results matching a query.
    • getThumbnail - retrieves thumbnail images of requested files.
    • move - moves files or folders.
    • rename - renames a file or a folder.
    • updateMetadata - updates metadata for a file or folder.
  • File Upload

    • commitUpload - commits file upload when chunk is set to true in fileUploadIntent function.
    • fileUploadIntent - initiates file upload.
    • uploadChunkData - completes file upload process if chunk is set to true.
    • uploadCompleteData - completes file upload process when chunk is set to false.
  • Playlists

    • addPlaylistItems - adds items to a playlist.
    • createPlaylist - creates a playlist.
    • deletePlaylist - deletes a playlist.
    • deletePlaylistItem - deletes an item from the playlist.
    • getPlaylistDefinition - retrieves definition and type of a playlist.
    • getPlaylistItemContent - retrieves information about an item in a play list.
    • getPlaylistItems - retrieves items in a playlist.
    • getPlaylists - retrieves a list of playlists.
    • updatePlaylist - sends a request to SDK and returns the result.
    • updatePlaylistDefinition - updates playlist definition.
  • Trash Can

    • purgeTrash - deletes items from trash.
    • restoreTrash - restores items from trash.
    • trash - deletes files and folders from user’s Cloud Storage Account.


  • Middleware - sets the HTTP client handler
  • SDK - the main PHP SDK Personal Cloud Storage class

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