Version 1.8 - Updated on 01/12/2017





public interface Genre extends Item

Stores music genre information.


String getName()

Retrieves genre name.

  • Returns: Genre name


ItemList<Audio> getFiles(Context context, SortType sortType)

Retrieves music files of specified genre. This method makes an HTTP call and should not be called from the main thread. Throws Cloud API Exception with the error code USER_UNAUTHORIZED if the user is not authorized to perform this operation.

  • Parameters:

    • context — Context object
    • sortType — The sort type as defined in SortType, combined with sort order SortType#setOrder(SortType.SortOrder).

    - SortType.NAME - SortType.NAME.setOrder(SortType.SortOrder.ASC). Pass null for default order.

  • Returns: ItemList populated with Audio as list item. This list contains all audio files of specified genre stored under user’s Personal Cloud Storage account. ItemList.close() when the list is no longer needed. Throws Cloud API Exception if the request cannot be processed.

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