Obtain And Track User Permissions

Obtain and track user agreements to receive SMS messages

The ThingSpace Terms and Conditions (and the FCC) requires you to obtain consent from your users before your application can send SMS text messages to a user’s phone or device. The user must agree to receive those messages, or “opt in” to your service.

You must maintain opt-in and opt-out records for each end user from the time that end user initiates opt-in until a minimum of six months after that end user has opted out.

For devices that you own

You do not need to obtain consent to send messages to devices that you own that are in your own account.

For users on the Verizon Wireless network (VMP Gateway)

It’s very easy for Verizon Wireless users to opt in and opt out of your service:

  • They can opt in by simply texting the word “start” to your code.
  • They can opt out by texting the word “stop” to your code. (ThingSpace also recognizes a few other words as opt out requests, including “cancel,” “end,” “quit,” and “unsubscribe”.)

ThingSpace will send your application OptIn and OptOut callback messages when users send these text messages. Your application does not have to honor all opt in requests (that is, you can decide not to send messages to a certain phone number even though you received an opt in request from it), but you must immediately stop sending messages to any phone number for which you receive an opt out request.

Temporary opt in

When a Verizon user who has not opted in sends a message to your code that doesn’t contain any opt in or opt out keywords, ThingSpace will allow your application to send messages to the user for 24 hours to complete the transaction initiated by the user. Note that this must be initiated by the user sending a message to your code; your application cannot send messages to users who have not opted in or sent a message to your code.

For users on non-Verizon networks (EMAG gateway)

Users on non-Verizon networks cannot opt-in by sending a text to your code, so you must obtain their consent in some other way before sending any SMS messages to them. You can use a survey, a website, an employee consent form, a paper form, or any other method that allows you to have a record of their consent to receive messages.

Users on non-Verizon networks can opt out of receiving your messages by texting the word “stop” (or another equivalent word such as “cancel” or “end”) to your code. ThingSpace will send your application an OptOut callback messages when a user opts out. Your application must immediately stop sending messages to any phone number for which you receive an opt out request.