Documentation to get you started or keep you going.

Whether you’re navigating our portals for the first time and looking for some tips, setting up your device or requiring APIs to bring your IoT solution to life, here’s where you can access all of our documentation and guides.


Edge Devices

Find all documentation related to building an edge device.



Access the API to manage the connectivity of your devices.


Access documentation for all of the ThingSpace Services, including API references and user guides.

ThingSpace Portals

Find how-to guides for ThingSpace Developer Portal and ThingSpace Enterprise Portal.

ThingSpace Developer Portal

A portal right sized for prototyping, you can access all the tools you need to get your IoT product started.

  • Device provisioning
  • Solution testing
  • Account management

ThingSpace Enterprise Portal

Built for commercialized IoT solutions, ThingSpace Manage Enterprise Portal has all the tools to help you manage your solution.

  • Connectivity management
  • Life cycle management
  • Account management