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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ThingSpace have partnered to give you the freedom to develop your IoT solution faster. By pre-integrating software on development kits pre-approved by Verizon and Amazon, developers have all the key building blocks to create an IoT solution out of the box. AWS's reliability and scalability make it an ideal foundation for your solution.

The ThingSpace Cloud Connectors program allows you to build a powerful IoT solution by combining your AWS solution, the Verizon network and ThingSpace device lifecycle management tools.

Featured solution

STMicroelectronics developer kit for AWS

Available through both ThingSpace and the AWS portal, this development kit is pre-integrated and qualified by AWS to work on its platform and to use Verizon as your LTE Cat M1 network provider..


  • Ensure your hardware and software work together.
  • Embedded support for the Amazon Free Real Time Operating System (FreeRTOS) for microcontrollers.
  • Low-power cellular connectivity through an LTE Cat M1 cellular modem, allowing it to run on battery for years to come.

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About AWS

AWS IoT services enable you to easily and securely connect and manage billions of devices. You can gather data from, run sophisticated analytics on and take actions in real time on your diverse fleet of IoT devices from edge to the cloud.

  • Virtually all IoT applications