Use cases for security

Smart surveillance


IoT enables smart surveillance systems with connected cameras, sensors, and analytics capabilities. Real-time monitoring, intelligent video analytics, and automated alerts enhance situational awareness, enabling proactive security measures and timely response to potential threats.

Access control systems


IoT can enhance access control systems by integrating smart locks, biometric authentication, and connected devices. Real-time access monitoring, remote access management, and centralized control improve security, streamline operations, and ensure secure access to premises and assets.

Cybersecurity & network monitoring


IoT supports cybersecurity and network monitoring by employing connected devices, intrusion detection systems, and advanced analytics. Continuous monitoring, threat detections, and anomaly detection help safeguard networks, data, and critical infrastructure from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Emergency response


IoT assists in emergency response and disaster management by integrating sensors, data analytics, and communication systems. Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, early detection of incidents, and automated emergency notifications enable timely response, efficient resource allocation, and improved coordination during crises.

End-to-end solutions to support security


Remote Monitoring

Our environmental and equipment monitoring solutions can provide near real-time visibility into asset or equipment health, environmental conditions, diagnostics and performance for predictable operations.

Intelligent Lighting

Save energy and improve public safety with smart street lighting technology, helping to both decrease energy costs and address residents’ safety concerns.


Intelligent Video

Verizon Intelligent Video offers a comprehensive bundled surveillance-as-a-service solution that covers licensing, support, cloud and wireless network access.

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Verizon's 4G LTE network covers over 98% of Americans and now, technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT expand connectivity even further to underground and rural environments.


Gain insights to your operations and manage IoT more seamlessly with a suite of analytical tools and connectivity management services.


ThingSpace offers a full suite of security solutions to minimize risk for your devices, including: Security Credentialing and SIM-Secure.

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