Use cases for retail

Inventory tracking


Track inventory levels, monitor product movement, and automate inventory replenishment.

Supply chain visibility


Track packages or pallets to get near real-time visibility into the supply chain.

Enhanced customer experience


Interactive kiosks, digital signage, and point-of-sale systems enhance engagement and help create personalized experiences.

Customer analytics


Capture customer data like foot traffic, dwell times, and customer preferences.

End-to-end solutions to support retail


Remote Monitoring

Our environmental and equipment monitoring solutions can provide near real-time visibility into asset or equipment health, environmental conditions, diagnostics and performance for predictable operations.

Intelligent Video

Verizon Intelligent Video offers a comprehensive bundled surveillance-as-a-service solution that covers licensing, support, cloud and wireless network access.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management solutions provide a critical link to what’s happening to assets practically anywhere along your supply chain. Get near real-time data insights to make better, more informed decisions and drive improved operational efficiencies.


Build connected retail solutions with ThingSpace



Wireless connectivity gives IoT developers the most flexibility in design and implementation of their solutions in coverage, bandwidth, cloud, and security.


ThingSpace offers a full suite of security solutions to minimize risk for your machine-to-machine (M2M) devices, including SIM-Secure and Security Credentialing.


Gain insights to your operations and manage IoT more seamlessly with a suite of analytical tools and connectivity management services.

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