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Network matters.

Coverage where it counts. No matter which network connection you choose, Verizon has you covered.

Determining which network technology to build your solution depends on the requirements of your application:


NB-IoT is an up-and-coming solution that is ideal for simple sensor applications which require intermittent data transmission in a static environment.

Ideal for simple sensor applications.
  • Low cost
  • Low power
  • Limited availability
  • 0.2 megabits per second peak data rate

Use cases typically have a limited set of commands and actions like turning on and off controls.

  • Door sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Bike lock
Cat M1 (LTE M)

Cat-M1 is appropriate for more complex designs requiring real-time communication.

Highest bandwidth of any LPWA technology
  • Low cost
  • Low power
  • Wide availability
  • 1 megabits per second peak data rate
  • Real-time communication
  • Voice
  • Mobility

More complex data sets that do not require constant streaming, video, or two-way audio.

  • Asset tracker
  • Pet tracker
  • Waterflow meter

3G, 4G and the up-and-coming 5G should be considered for applications requiring the fastest data transmission speeds and reliability

Fastest connection available
  • Higher cost
  • Higher power consumption
  • Wide availability
  • 20 megabits per second peak data rate
  • Real-time communication
  • Voice
  • Mobility

Devices that can have short bursts of data that require large bandwidth pipes, streaming video, two-way audio, or a consistent data streams over extended periods of time.

  • Connected camera
  • Wearable with voice
  • Alarm panel
  • Router

Choose the right device technology.

Use this guide to help you decide whether you should build a device or buy an existing solution.

chart Created with Sketch. 250,000 5,000 100 0 Annual Volume $0 K $10 K $20 K $40 K $60 K $80 K $100 K $120 K $140 K $160 K Cost to Deploy Chip Down Designs Verizon Certified Modules Verizon Certified Embedded Modems Verizon Certified End Products Build Buy

If you need fewer than 5,000 devices, buying an existing solution is your best bet.

Verizon certified end products

  • A complete off-the-shelf router solution
  • Investment: $10K - $130K

Verizon certified modems

  • Have pre-integrated and certified components that allow you to get your devices up and running quickly
  • Investment: $50K - $130K

If you’ll deploy more than 5,000 devices, building makes more sense long-term.

Verizon certified modules

  • Ideal for building large volumes of end devices
  • Require certification prior to connecting to the Verizon network
  • Investment: $10K - $140K

Chip down designs

  • A good choice if you need to build a high-volume, highly customized device
  • Investment: $20K - $80K

Select your hardware development stage.

Depending on where you are in the development of your hardware, we can guide you on the path to faster prototype testing.

I just need a SIM card for my device.
I want to find a development kit to build a device.

Secure SIMs for the IoT.

Connect to the nation’s largest, most reliable cellular network using SIM cards from NimbeLink. Available in LTE and Cat M1 technologies, choose from commercial or industrial temperature ranges in a 3FF format. Visit the NimbeLink website for more information and to purchase SIMs.

Get your devices talking.

Access the award-winning Verizon network and get the data plans you need to bring your IoT solutions to life. ThingSpace now offers IoT Connectivity for Developers, making it easy to prototype and test your ideas. With two flexible plans from which to choose Choose from two flexible data plans and a low-cost per-device fee and you’re ready to bring your devices to life.



  • 1 GB data/year
  • Share up to 20 Verizon certified devices
  • 1,200 SMS per year per line of service
10 MB


  • 10 MB data/year
  • Share up to 20 Verizon certified devices
  • 1,200 SMS per year per line of service

Accelerate IoT with ThingSpace Cloud Connector.

All of your IoT devices, software and platforms should work together to accomplish your business challenge. That’s why we partnered with trusted cloud service providers to enable faster collaboration. Cloud Connect combines software pre-integrated with cloud partners and Verizon- and partner-certified development kits so you can focus your development time on making your devices do the job you need them to do

Commercialize your product with ThingSpace Ready.

Once your prototype is complete and you’re ready to take your solution to market, access our ThingSpace Ready program to get transparent pricing and pre-negotiated rates for modules, SIMs and design houses.



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