What’s new in the Cloud Connector API


  • ThingSpace Cloud Connector now supports 2-way communication between Azure and ThingSpace. This enables Azure applications and Azure users the ability to set thresholds and configurations.
  • Azure-intiated thresholds for:
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Battery level
    • Humidity
    • Light
    • Any motion
    • No motion
    • Tilt exceeded
    • Tilt below
    • Orientation exceeded
    • Orientation below
    • Shock
    • Vibration
  • Aure-initiated configurations, including:
    • Run Diagnostics
    • Set telemetry reporting frequency
    • Set location mode
  • Bug fixes

09/11/2019 - release 2.2.0

  • ThingSpace Cloud Connector API Critical Asset Sensor (CAS) firmware version 2.2.0 has added the following types of sensor-based alarms:
    • Temperature
    • Light
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Battery
  • ThingSpace CloudConnector API Critical Asset Sensor (CAS) firmware versions 2.2.0 and higher now supports CellId based coarse location reporting. Prior firmware versions would only provide GPS/GNSS based location and when unable to obtain a GPS fix, would not report the latest location information. With firmware versions 2.2.0 and higher, when the CAS device is configured to report location by default, it attempts to provide GPS/GNSS based precise location; and when it is unable to provide GPS/GNSS based location, it reverts to providing coarse location based on CellId.


Initial release

Initial release of the ThingSpace Cloud Connector API.