ThingSpace Cloud Connector API

NOTE: There are new documentation pages that contains updated dynamic code generation & SDK downloads. You can access the new documents here.

The ThingSpace Cloud Connector API lets customers securely stream data from devices on ThingSpace to remote servers or to accounts hosted by trusted cloud service providers. All of your IoT devices, software and platforms can work together to accomplish your business challenges. You can use the API to:

  • Create targets to receive streamed data
  • Create subscriptions that define the data to send to targets
  • Group devices and filter data to specify exactly which data should be sent to each target

Table of Contents

What’s new in the Cloud Connector API

Getting Started

Introduction to the Cloud Connector API
Get credentials to use the API
Streaming to AWS
Streaming to Azure
Streaming to a host:port Endpoint

API Reference

Working with Devices
Change device configuration
Query devices
Search devices
Search device fields
Get sensor history
Delete a device

Working with Subscriptions
Create a subscription
Query subscriptions
Update a subscription
Delete a subscription

Working with Targets
Create a target
Query targets
Delete a target
Create an external identifier